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Glastonbury 2014: Dolly Parton performs after ‘waiting a lifetime for this’

Country queen Dolly Parton ruled Glastonbury as she attracted the biggest crowd of the festival to the Pyramid Stage, where she performed for about an hour.

The 100,000-plus people who were thought to have flocked to see her sang along to hits including Jolene and Coat of Many Colours. They also heard a special song Dolly had written about the mud.

"I thought, 'I have to write a song about the famous Glastonbury mud'," she said. "I grew up in the country, so this mud ain't nothing new to me - and it ain't nothing to you either," she told the crowd.

As promised, Dolly (opens in new tab) appeared in white - dressed in a skintight jumpsuit and huge heels - having said previously that the colour went well with the brown mud.

As the crowd cheered, she told them: “Thank you so much. It is such an honour and such a thrill to be here at Glastonbury Festival.

“I’ve been waiting a lifetime for this and of course we want all of you to have the best time.

“I know you’re here to see a whole load of artists at the festival and we’re just glad that you came to see me.”

The 68-year-old star has been the most talked about act of the festival, with excitement building ahead of her taking to the Pyramid Stage for what has become know as the Sunday Afternoon Legend’s Slot, following appearances from artists including Ray Davies, Shirley Bassey and James Brown.

Glastonbury 2014 (opens in new tab) continues on BBC2, Sunday, June 29, 5.00pm-7.00pm, 10.00pm


– Press Association (opens in new tab)