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Gok Wan considers becoming a single dad

Gok Wan has confessed he is so desperate to become a dad he is considering adoption all on his own.

The TV presenter and fashion expert - who turns 39 later this year - has always wanted a family, and told the Daily Mirror he is weighing up the pros and cons of becoming a single parent.

Gok said: "I've been broody since my 20s. There's nothing wrong with being a 50 or 60-year-old first-time father if you want to be, but I'm not sure I do. Forty is a marker - it truly is middle age.

"The thing is, I'm not sure if I'd be a dad on my own. I need to ask myself those questions. And I'm afraid if I decide not to, I won't be able to cope with that."

The How To Look Good Naked star - who is fronting Channel 4's live coverage of fashion at Royal Ascot this year - revealed he recently made the decision to move to a house with a garden in a wooded area of north London. But he admitted he would need to change his work life if he was to have kids.

Gok said: "I couldn't do these hours and have children and hopefully a relationship.

"I am mellowing now. I have always been hectic, chaotic and bonkers to be around, but as I've got older I have certain things in place that are calmer.

"Where I live now is even decorated calmer - it's a country green throughout. Everything is relaxing and so when I walk in, it's calm."

And the TV presenter hasn't ruled out finding a partner to share his family with.

He said: "I go about dating the same as everyone. I go to bars, but it's mainly through friends of friends now. At my age you want to find people you have more in common with."