Gordon Ramsay's rival chef – his daughter Matilda!

(Image credit: AFF/EMPICS Entertainment)

Gordon Ramsay had better watch out, because he's got a new culinary rival in his daughter Matilda.

The TV chef's 13-year-old daughter reckons her culinary abilities are on a par with her famous dad.

"I think they're pretty good. They're nearly better than my dad's in my opinion," she said.

Matilda, known as Tilly, will soon be seen in her own cooking show, Tillywood, which has been filmed and is expected to air in the UK in coming months. It will also feature her parents Gordon and Tana.

"It's me and my family at home and I'm doing the cooking," said Tilly, pictured second from right with her dad and siblings Megan, Jack and Holly.

"I decided to do this show because I was given the opportunity and it was a really good idea. My whole family and I were involved so that's why I did it."

Tilly, who recently appeared alongside Gordon on the US edition of MasterChef Junior, joked about beating her dad in viewing figures, saying: " Maybe, I'll try."

Her mum Tana was happy for her daughter to star in her own show.

"It's very organic with Tilly. She feels at home with the filming and she knows the process well," she explained. "Her show is really fun and that was her idea.

"It's the way she is really at home - she loves cooking and entertaining everybody. She is very comfortable with the cameras and has seen what some consider scary and chaotic on a daily basis from a very early age. So it's great fun and we had fun filming it," she continued, adding: "I love the simplicity of the ideas - it's very approachable and exciting for everyone."