Hermione Norris: 'I thought coming back to Cold Feet was a terrible idea!' (VIDEO)

Cold Feet - Hermione Norris - Robert Bathurst

Cold Feet returns to our screens next month after a 13-year absence - and while fans are going to be delighted by the news, it seems one of its stars needed some persuading to resurrect their character...

For 13 years, fans have been crying out for Cold Feet’s return – but it seems that its star Hermione Norris wasn’t overly keen about getting back on board.

The ITV comedy drama following the trials and tribulations of six friends from Manchester – Adam (James Nesbitt), Rachel (Helen Baxendale), David (Robert Bathurst), Karen (Hermione Norris), Pete (John Thomson) and Jenny (Fay Ripley) – became must-see TV in the late '90s, and ended in 2003 after five series.

Talking to What's on TV at the show’s launch in London, Hermione admitted: "I thought it was a terrible idea. And then [writer] Mike Bullen persuaded me that he felt it would be a great thing to revisit this group of characters in this chapter of their lives. And I thought that, too."

Hermione’s co-star Robert said that, once the cast did reunite, it felt like they’d never been apart. "It was almost seamless on a personal level, getting back together and working together," he said. "And it was great just to be able to get into those characters again."

Sadly, there’s one notable cast absence this time round as Helen Baxendale’s character, Rachel, was dramatically killed off in the last series, when the car she was driving got hit by a truck.

"I really missed Helen but she’s very ‘present’ in this series, so it’s like she’s still there really," said Hermione. "And particularly because we’ve got the lovely Cel Spellman in this series, who plays Adam and Rachel’s son and he’s pivotal in episode one of drawing everyone together. Karen’s played quite a significant role in his life in Rachel’s absence."

As the new series begins, Karen, David, Pete, Jenny and Adam are reunited when Adam returns to Manchester from working abroad – and he’s got some big news….

Talking about what viewers can expect from their characters as the series begins, Hermione said: "Thirteen years on, David’s married to Robyn, Karen’s at home with the girls and son Josh is on his gap year. Obviously [David and Karen] are still very much in each others’ lives because they have children. So he still irritates her!"

On why she felt it was important to show what’s happening to these characters as they approach middle age, Hermione said: "Life is very different as a late forties/early fifties person than it is as it is when it’s all in front of you. It’s a different time with different challenges. And I think Mike, particularly with some of the male characters, does touch on some interesting stuff that I hope will resonate with people."

Watch our interview with Cold Feet’s Hermione Norris and Robert Bathurst above…


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