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Holby City legend Catherine Russell quits as Serena Campbell after seven years

Holby City fans gutted that next week’s episode has been postponed for a day due to footy!
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'I just need to get out there, frighten myself again' says Catherine

Seven years after she first appeared in Holby City back in 2012, Catherine Russell has revealed she’s quitting the BBC1 hit.

Catherine is set to bow out as Serena in dramatic scenes during the New Year. Teasing the plot, the Beeb said that her final weeks in Holby City will be full of unexpected twists.

The show promises: “Viewers will see a startlingly steely side when Serena faces a dark reminder from the past and then developments at the hospital will bring out her joyously rebellious side as she passionately fights for her family and her most cherished values.”

Talking about her departure, Catherine said: “Playing Serena Campbell and being part of the Holby family has been an absolute delight. I just need to get out there, frighten myself again and pretend to be someone else. But you never know, hopefully I’ll be able to revisit the hospital as it really is the most wonderful place to work!”


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Serena Campbell in Holby City

Holby City fans will miss Serena (Image credit: BBC/Kieron McCarron)

Simon Harper, Executive Producer of Casualty and Holby City, added: “Yes it’s true, the brilliant Catherine Russell is leaving the show. She’s truly one of the Holby greats, her mercurial portrayal of the unique, drily witty and passionate Serena literally lighting up the screen.

“We are all very sad to say goodbye to her - but it’s no surprise such a talented actor should want to go and play other roles again after seven outstanding years. Catherine, we wish you all the best, while raising a bucket of shiraz to the glory that is Ms Campbell - and I just can’t thank you enough.”

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During her time on the show, Catherine has been involved in some huge storylines as Serena.

There was the love story between Serena and Jemma Redgrave’s character Bernie, her devastating grief following the death of her daughter and her difficult working relationship with Jac’s sister Jasmine.

Catherine Russell will be on screen as Serena Campbell in Holby City until early 2020.