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Star Nic Jackman teases HUGE Holby City episode for Cameron

Holby Cameron Nic Jackman Week 12
(Image credit: BBC)

As the net closes in on Cameron Dunn, it looks like Holby City's murdering medic might finally be brought to justice, as Nic Jackman reveals...

For months now, Holby City medic Cameron Dunn has literally been getting away with murder. However, next time on the show, it looks like his luck has finally run out.

At first it seemed Cameron was disposing of patients, shall we say, for the greater good and started with Chloe's evil ex Evan Crowhurst (Jack Ryder).

Holby Cameron Evan

Cameron's first target was Chloe's ex Evan...

Another signifcant blot on Cameron's copy book then came with the death of registrar, Xavier Duval (Marcus Griffiths). Xavier had unearthed evidence about Cameron's involvement in Evan's death and was going to police when he got knocked over by a cyclist and hit his head on the kerb causing a brain injury. His colleague in crisis, Cameron did NOTHING to help save him and he died.

Then, a few weeks ago, patient Bobby Edwards (Mr Selfridges’ Calum Callaghan) revealed he was THAT cyclist - and he was going to tell police how Cameron fled the scene. But he too succumbed to the doctor's dark side...

Now absolutely certain Cameron killed her patient Bobby and has since kidnapped her mother Ange, next time, a defiant Chloe is on the warpath and vows to make Cameron pay for what he's done.

But, of course, we know Holby's golden boy Cameron - and he isn't going down without a fight.

Holby Week 12 Chloe

Can Chloe (Amy Lennox) work out where Ange is before it's too late?

Realising his web of lies has started to unravel, Cameron knows he must get out of the hospital but when he sees the police outside - unaware they’re attending another incident - he freaks out and heads down to the basement, where he’s holding Ange hostage…

"Ange has always been able to see right through Cam and knew he was a bad egg. If anyone needed to be silenced, Cam saw her as the next one to be silenced," says Nic Jackman, who plays him.

Meanwhile, in a desperate bid to catch Cameron out, Chloe calls on Fletch for a favour and gets him to call Cameron to come to Max’s office to help him ‘impress the hospital board’. We know how much Cameron LOVES being the centre of attention, right?

Wrong! When Chloe realises Cameron hasn’t taken the bait, she doesn't know what else to do. So urges Nicky - who's pregnant with Cameron’s child - to help snare him.

Up in Max’s office, Chloe works out where Cameron is holding Ange, and makes a dash to save her. As she leaves, Cameron barricades himself and Nicky inside…

"Cam’s got no one to defend him, too many people are suspicious of him now," says Nic. "There isn’t anyone at Holby who likes Cam or particularly trusts him, apart from Nicky. But if he loses her, that’s it, he’s got no support at all."

Holby Nicky Week 12

Can Nicky (Belinda Owusu) persuade Cameron to come clean about his past behaviour?

As they talk, Cameron confides in Nicky about all his past crimes. Is it time up for Holby's Dr Dunn?

"I think it’s right for us to see Cam get his comeuppance," says Nic. "I reckon the audience will want to see it happen because it's been going on for a while and surely he can't get away with it forever. I enjoy playing a villain like Cam. Fans love to hate him!"

Holby City continues Tuesdays at 8pm on BBC1.