How much does the Physical: 100 winner get?

Yun Sung-bin of Physical: 100 pouring sand out of a bag in one of the show's trials
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Physical: 100's first season is about to come to an end, leaving many viewers wondering just what the winner will be walking away with.

The Korean Netflix reality survival series has been serving up all manner of challenging tasks — have a look at our guide explaining how Physical: 100 works if you need a refresher — and has whittled down the huge cohort of Physical: 100 contestants down to the best of the bunch for one final, mystery task. 

Not only does the winning athlete stand to have serious bragging rights after claiming the title of possessing "the ultimate physique" (as per the show's summary), but they'll also have earned a huge cash prize in the process. 

Here's what the Physical: 100 cash prize is worth (at the time of writing) and a reminder of the few stars who are still in with a chance of winning it.

Physical: 100 cash prize: How much does the winner get?

In total, the one person who survives every single trial will be walking away from Physical: 100 with a cash prize worth a staggering 300 million won. 

Converted to US Dollars, that prize pool equates to around $236,000; and in pounds sterling, the winner is leaving the show with a little under £195,000 (info correct at the time of writing). In either case, it could be a life-changing sum of money. 

We learned what was up for grabs very early on in the competition before our 100 contestants had taken part in any of the challenges. The show's mysterious narrator revealed the total prize money on offer to the group before Quest Zero, the monkey bar challenge.

Who will win Physical: 100?

Yun Sung-bin and Ma Sun-ho's teams pulling the ship in Physical: 100

Only a few competitors have pulled through to the final. (Image credit: Netflix)

That's what we want to find out! As of episode eight, we know the identity of four of the five who are set to appear in the final: Jo Jin-hyeong, Woo Jin-yong, Park Jin-yong and Kim Min-cheol.

We're currently waiting for the last episode to arrive to find out whether Yun Sung-bin or Jung Hae-min will be joining them in the race to become the first winner of Physical: 100, as the last episode ended on a cliffhanger before the conclusion of Quest Four's "Punishment of Sisyphus" game.

Episodes 1-8 of Physical: 100 are currently available to stream on Netflix, and the season finale arrives on Tuesday, February 21. Check out our handy guide explaining what time new Physical: 100 episodes come out so you're prepared for the last leg of the competition.  

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