What time do new Physical: 100 episodes come out?

Physical: 100 contestants standing in line to be chosen as teammates
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When do new episodes of Physical: 100 arrive on Netflix? It's no surprise that plenty of Netflix subscribers want to know the answer to this question, as the new Korean reality series has basically occupied a slot in the Netflix Top 10 since its debut earlier this year. 

The show feels like a cross between other physical challenge shows like Gladiator and Ninja Warrior and Squid Game (minus the deaths, of course). For the uninitiated, Physical: 100 sees 100 contestants from all walks of life who are in "top physical shape" going toe-to-toe in a variety of extremely challenging physical tasks to put them to the test, all with the view of finding the contestant with the ultimate physique.  

These tasks range from endurance trials like seeing who can hang from a bar the longest to team trials and one-on-one battles. (We've put together a guide explaining the rules and how each Physical: 100 challenge works if you're looking for a full breakdown).

We're a decent way into the series already; as of the most recent release, we're down to the top 30 contestants and only have a few episodes left. That means we'll soon be finding out which of our remaining fighting-fit stars will be walking away with the show's huge cash prize worth a staggering 300 million won (approximately $250,000). 

Below we've listed when the next Physical: 100 episodes will arrive and 

What time do new episodes of Physical: 100 drop on Netflix?

New episodes of the series have been arriving in pairs on Tuesdays since the series debuted on Netflix back on January 24. Here's a rundown of timezones so you know when you can get watching the rest of the series:

  • 12 am PDT
  • 3 am EDT
  • 5 am Brazil
  • 8 am UK
  • 9 am CEST
  • 1.30 pm India Standard Time
  • 7 pm Australia
  • 9 pm New Zealand

Physical: 100 episodes - full release schedule

The majority of the first season of Physical: 100 is already available to stream on Netflix, though we're still waiting to find out who our winner will be. 

Here's the full Physical: 100 release schedule so you know when you can expect to see the last few episodes arriving on Netflix so you can keep up with the remaining stars:

  • Episode 1: January 24
  • Episode 2: January 24
  • Episode 3: February 1
  • Episode 4: February 1
  • Episode 5: February 7
  • Episode 6: February 7
  • Episode 7: February 14
  • Episode 8: February 14
  • Episode 9 (season finale): February 21

Where can you watch Physical: 100?

As a Netflix original, you can only find Physical: 100 on Netflix. 

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