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'Squid Game' season 2 — everything we know so far

Squid Game season 2 masked characters
'Squid Game' sees people competing in a very deadly tournament. (Image credit: Netflix)

Following the huge success of Squid Game season 1, it's no surprise that fans are desperate to find out if we'll be getting a second instalment of the Netflix series. 

The series has been watched by a whopping 111 million fans globally, and it's already predicted that the outfits featured in the series will be a very popular Halloween costume choice this year!

Season 2 hasn't been officially ruled out, and creator Hwang Dong-hyuk has teased potential angles they could explore if they decide to go ahead with it. With a cliffhanger ending that leaves room for more, there's a chance Squid Game fans will get what they're hoping for soon.

Speaking to Radio Times, he revealed: "I do realise there are huge expectations for season two. It’s not that I haven’t thought about season two at all, and I also do have a rough framework for it. But I keep asking myself whether I can make it better than season one. I do not want people to get disappointed over the new season."

Here's everything we know about season 2 so far...

Squid Game season 2 release date

So far there's no rumoured start date for Squid Game season 2, but if that changes we'll be sure to let you know. 

What could happen in season 2?

**contains spoilers for Squid Game season 1***

At the end of the first season, we learned that the apparently innocent old man Oh Il-Nam (Player 001) was behind the games the whole time, and he didn't actually die during the events of episode 6. He was confronted by sole survivor Seong Gi-hun (Player 456) in the season finale, revealing that he created the games to entertain the bored ultra-rich like himself, where they could bet on which players would survive. It was also revealed that he took part in the games for nostalgia's sake.

Oh Il-Nam dies from his brain tumour, and Seong Gi-hun goes off to board a plane to visit his daughter. However, he spots the same man who recruited him into the games on his way to the airport, and snatches the card away from an unsuspecting citizen about to be coerced into taking part. After dialing the number, he decides not to get on the plane and heads back into the city, presumably to get his revenge on the game's creators.

With that cliffhanger ending, there's definitely room for more drama, and Hwang Dong-hyuk has suggested a second season could focus on Oh Il-Nam's backstory and the early days of the murderous games.

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He said: "Oh Il-nam is a man of huge success from nothing. As we see from the phrase ‘the money man’, he is a veiled big shot in the financial industry.

"It seems, however, the way how he yearns for the happy moments of his past shows that he has lost many things including his family and his humanity at the cost of success. If there will be a season two, we might reveal a little more about his past story."

Which actors could return for Squid Game season 2?

With a very high on-screen kill count, it's unlikely we'll see many of the characters that we grew to love in season 1. If they do choose to focus on Oh Il-Nam however, then we would probably see a much younger version of him instead of bringing back O Yeong-su to play the role.

Nothing is confirmed yet of course, so we'll have to wait and see what happens!

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