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Humans star Colin Morgan: ‘Everyone playing a robot went to Synth School!’ (VIDEO)

(Image credit: Doug Peters/EMPICS Entertainment)

Colin Morgan reveals every actor playing a synthetic robot in C4’s new sci-fi thriller, Humans, had to attend a special school before filming started to learn how to behave like an artificial being!

Colin explained: “Humans is a show that focuses on the effect a synthetic human being would have on society. These beings are integrated into the workplace, the family and society in general… and they can do everything better. The show focuses on the positives and the negative implications of this technology.”

He continued: “Synth School was really important for the people portraying Synths. For me it was important to come along and watch a bit of it to see how I responded to it.”

What’s on TV can reveal Colin plays Leo, a mysterious man who lives outside normal society with a selection of rogue Synths. Leo’s decided to help Synths who believe they’ve developed a sort of consciousness. He’s also desperately trying to track down the love of his life – the reprogrammed Synth, Anita, played by Fresh Meat’s Gemma Chan.

But the Merlin and The Fall star is keeping tight-lipped about whether or not his outlaw character, Leo, is human or synthetic: "]

“There’s a lot of ambiguity around Leo, but whether it’s connected to the technology or not is yet to be discovered…”

Humans begins on C4 on Sunday, June 14 at 9pm. It also stars Rebecca Front, William Hurt and Katherine Parkinson.