‘I’m very pleased to be ordinary!’ says Ordinary Lies star Sally Lindsay

(Image credit: BBC/Red Productions/Ben Blackall)

Former Coronation Street star Sally Lindsay talks to Soaplife about her new role in BBC1’s new drama Ordinary Lies (premieres Tuesday, March 17)…

You play Kathy in Ordinary Lies… What’s she like?

“Ordinary Lies is set in a car yard and Kathy’s the PA to the boss, Mike [Max Beesley pictured with Sally and co-star Jo Joyner]. She’s worked there since leaving school at 17 and she’s now 40. She’s like the mum of the firm and she holds it all together. She’s a good person with strong morals and she’s been married to her hubby for years. They have two grown-up kids and a lovely home. But she also has a shocking secret…”

And that is…?

“My lips are sealed! But let’s just say, you’ll never have seen me like this before! It’s edge-of-seat stuff, but she’s a fully developed character, too. Kathy’s very ordinary – like me.”

You’re not ordinary!

“I am – and I’m very pleased to be, too. I’m not putting myself down, but I’m not glam. I look like an ordinary person and I think viewers relate to that. My time on Corrie taught me that. People like watching people they can identify with.”

How do you look back on your Coronation Street days?

“That time [which ended nine years ago] taught me everything I know. It taught me to trust my instincts, to never be late and to always know my lines. I love Corrie. I always have and I always will.”

Would you ever return as Shelley Unwin?

“I might a bit further on down the line. Never say ‘Never’!”

Ordinary Lies begins on BBC1, Tuesday, March 17, 9pm.