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Ian McShane classic Lovejoy set to return in modern-day update

Lovejoy cast
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Will Lovejoy still have his famous leather jacket?

Lovejoy is set to return to our screens although it’s unlikely star Ian McShane will be back in the leading role.

Following the recent news that All Creatures Great and Small is coming back to our screens, it’s now been revealed that plans are afoot to bring back Lovejoy, which originally ran on BBC1 from 1986-1994.

Ian McShane at the Cannes Film Festival

Ian McShane was hugely popular as the antiques wheeler-dealer

The Bookseller reports that Blue Sky Pictures has acquired the rights to the original stories, written by John Grant under the pen name Jonathan Gash.

Blue Sky Pictures director Nick Witkowski revealed that the new Lovejoy would be updated for modern audiences.

He said: “Lovejoy, based on Jonathan Gash’s classic character and books was one of the most successful and popular long running series in British television history. We plan to update it for the 21st century for both the millions who followed the original and a whole new generation of viewers."

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Ian McShane was a massive hit as loveable rogue Lovejoy in the original series. Lovejoy, accompanied by his sidekicks Tinker (Dudley Sutton) and Eric (Chris Jury), would hunt out antique bargains in rural Essex and Suffolk.

The dealer enjoyed a long-running will they won’t they relationship with Lady Jane, played by future Downton Abbey star Phyllis Logan.

Auctioneer Charlotte Cavendish (Caroline Langrishe) also came into the series as another love interest for Lovejoy.

It’s not clear yet what channel the remake would be broadcast on.

This isn’t the first time there’s been talk of Lovejoy returning and asked before about it coming back, Ian told The Guardian: “I have fond memories of it but no wish to do it again. But they keep saying, ‘Would you?’ And I say, ‘Go ahead and write it’.”

The 76-year-old star has gone on to star in a huge number of TV series including Deadwood and American Gods.

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