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Is there an after credits scene in 'Loki' episode 4?

Sophia Di Martino and Tom Hiddleston in Loki
(Image credit: Disney+)

Loki continues with "The Nexus Event." Episode 4 of the series ends up being truly remarkable and yes, we can confirm that there's an end credits stinger at the end of it. 

But you definitely knew that because you stick around for the credits always, right? 'Cause not only is this a Marvel show (Nick Fury might show up at the end!), it's also a show where a lot of very talented people put in a lot of very hard work and you want to stick around to acknowledge them right? Right?! 

Ok, so probably not, but you should! 

So what happens in that end credits stinger? Well I'm not going to tell you that. You'll have to watch the episode. Usually something like this would be worded a little differently, you are here looking for help after all. Then again, this tone feels a little bit more befitting of a Loki vibe. And let's be honest, it's 2 in the morning because these shows air at an ungodly — not a pun — hour and we're all just doing our best to get our reviews up and coherent before the world wakes up. Besides, that would be a spoiler. 

So yes, dear reader! There is an end credits stinger and you definitely want to stick around for it. Maybe it tells you who Richard E. Grant is playing! Maybe there's a scaly creature. Maybe Loki finds himself trapped in some weird cotton candy world and the rest of the series is Sylvie trying to break him out so they can take out the Time-Keepers. We don't know! 

All we know is that there is a stinger. 

Amelia Emberwing

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