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ITV game show The Cube is returning after five years

Phillip Schofield The Cube
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They're looking for new contestants too...

The Cube is returning to ITV after a five year absence, and they're looking for people to take part.

The game show sees people taking on both physical and mental challenges inside a giant, see-through cube.

These include things like quick maths, balancing, and completing tasks whilst blindfolded.

Contestants begin the game with nine lives, which can rapidly decrease each time they fail a task.

There's seven games in total, the first being worth £1,000 and the seventh worth a whopping £250,000.

ITV have released a call out asking for applications, which reads, "The Cube is returning to ITV for a brand-new series and this time the challenge is bigger than ever

"You could be in with the chance of winning a huge cash prize."

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This time, The Cube is looking for competitive teams of two people from the same household or support bubble.

This could be partners, parents and children, siblings, or flatmates and friends.

The call out ends by reminding people that there's no general knowledge questions in this game, and instead contestants will be faced with "a series of physical and mental challenges".

They're not easy to do either, as famously no one has ever beaten The Cube.

On the celebrity version, Mo Farah still remains the only guest to have ever done it.

Originally Phillip Schofield presented this game show, and wrote about the news on his Instagram Story.

He said, "Yes!!! Game on! Can you Beat the Cube?"

However, it has not been confirmed whether or not he will be returning to presenting duties for the new series.

The Cube isn't the only iconic game show returning to ITV either, with Catchphrase confirming they'd start filming again soon.

And Who Wants to be a Millionaire might return too, with a huge change.

So that's all great news for game show fans!