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Kay Burley 'mortified' over Peter Andre interview

Kay Burley 'mortified' over Peter Andre interview
Kay Burley 'mortified' over Peter Andre interview (Image credit: PA Wire/PA Photos)

Sky News presenter Kay Burley has said she was 'mortified' to have upset Peter Andre, who broke down as she interviewed him on live television on Wednesday. The singer, recently divorced from glamour girl Katie Price was forced to cut short his appearance on Kay's Afternoon Live programme after the host - famed for her hard-hitting interviews - asked him how he would feel if Katie's new husband Alex Reid wanted to adopt his children. Writing on her official blog on the Sky News website on Wednesday night, Kay said: "What a day. Peter Andre broke down on my show and when I went to check during an ad break that he was OK, he sobbed on my shoulder in the Green Room. "He’d discovered not 12 hours earlier that the mother of two of his children had married without even bothering to tell him and was devastated at the very thought that she might want take the youngsters away from him." She went on: "I was mortified at having upset such an obviously doting family man and was keen to offer sincere apologies but he was his usual charming self. "As we stood and chatted about parenthood he said he was relieved he'd finally vented some of the pent up tension he’d been feeling and I sympathised but warned him not to ever cry in front of the children." Kay ended her blog by saying that Peter had "left the building wiser about news interviews" and that she was "very much with 'Team Pete'. Several angry viewers left messages on Kay's blog, with one saying: "I think you should apologise live on air Kay. This wasn't an interview it was an interrogation." Another said: "There is a clear lack of empathy here and this pathetic 'Team Andre' blog is nothing more than a means of trying to redeem yourself on what was a shambolic piece of work."

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