LG unveils its 2021 TVs: Bigger, brighter, better, faster

The 2021 LG OLED EVO
Your living room probably doesn't look like this. (Image credit: LG)

Having already introduced its new webOS 6.0 user interface, LG today at the virtual CES 2021 unveiled its new lineup of televisions. They're big. They're bright. They're, uh, going to "reinforce industry dominance with ultimate TV technology."

WWE headlines not withstanding, LG's 2021 lineup of televisions indeed is a sign to behold, if for no other reason than it continues to build on its excellent line of 2020 models. 

LG's OLED TVs remain among the best you can buy, and there are new OLED C1 sets on the way, ranging from a new 48-inch model that's geared toward gamers, to a massive new 83-incher that can be seen from space. (Maybe.)

And for those who just aren't in to wall-mounting or traditional entertainment center stands, LG has also rigged up the new Gallery Stand — a sleek tripod that sort of makes you wonder why nobody had done that before.

“Our commitment to raising the industry bar and increasing value for consumers are both clearly evident in the 2021 LG OLED TV lineup,” Park Hyoung-sei, president of the LG Home Entertainment Company, said in a press release. “Featuring LG OLED evo, our most advanced panel technology yet, our newest OLED TVs are in a league of their own, delivering another level of viewing experience we feel confident in saying is second to none.”

What's under the hood remains almost as important as the panel, of course, and LG is cranking things up there, too. Its newest processor lands in the Z1, G1 and C1 OLED sets, as well as in the QNED Mini LED models, and NanoCell models. The Alpha 9 Gen 4 AI doesn't just look at the entire picture before making tweaks — it recognizes objects on screen, like faces and bodies, and can tell the difference between what's in the foreground and what's in the background. So theoretically it'll make all that upscaled content look even better.

All that AI also is unleashed on the audio, with virtual 5.1.2 upmixing via the built-in speakers, with improved volume leveling.

Also coming in 2021 are more TVs with HDMI 2.1 and eARC, and more with a variable refresh rate.

You won't be able to get the TVs for a little while still (we suggest you start saving now), but you can check them out at LG's virtual CES booth here.

Phil Nickinson

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