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'Liar series 2 is very exciting' says star Ioan Gruffudd

ITV Liar
(Image credit: JOSS BARRATT)

Ioan Gruffudd on the next series of Liar, which became one of the most talked about shows of last year

He became the most hated man in Britain playing rapist Andrew Earlham in last year’s sensational ITV thriller Liar – and, like viewers, Ioan Gruffudd can’t wait for the second series!

“I’ve sat with the writers [brothers Jack and Harry Williams] and I don’t envy them having to work it out but they told me it is very exciting,” Ioan, 44, tells TV Times.

"Now Andrew is dead, goodness knows where they are going but they are geniuses.

“I was thrilled they thought I could play that part. I’m able now to vie for roles that I’ve always wanted to play. The last year has been incredible.”

Liar became one of the biggest dramas of 2017, pulling in over six million viewers for its finale, and we'll update you when ITV reveals when Liar 2 will be on.

Meanwhile, Ioan is next week on the right side of the law playing Dr Daniel Harrow, a forensic pathologist with secrets to hide, in Alibi’s quirky new crime drama Harrow.

“Harrow loves finding out the truth but he bends the rules to get to it," says Ioan. "He’s Sherlockian because he is a great observer but he’s also flawed.”

Harrow starts on Alibi, starring Ioan, on Tuesday 17th July at 9pm.