Marley's Ghosts star Sarah Alexander: 'I had to run down Ealing high street semi-naked!' (VIDEO)

Jo Joyner and Sarah Alexander are delighted to be back and had a blast making the second series of GOLD's Marley's Ghosts

After last year's successful mini-series, Marley's Ghosts is returning to GOLD for a full series in October and two of the stars told us the show has developed nicely since the three-part pilot.

The sitcom revolves around Marley (Sarah Alexander) a woman who lives with the ghosts of her husband (John Hannah), her lover (Nicholas Burns) and her vicar (former EastEnders star Jo Joyner).

Yet these ghosts are more annoying than they are scary and end up getting Marley in all sorts of bother...

"We were so thrilled that people liked the show," said Sarah Alexander. "By the end of the first pilot we were getting on so well, we were really pleased to be back together for a full series."

Fans of the show will be delighted to hear there is also a Christmas Special planned for December, but there is plenty to look forward to before then says Sarah.

"Marley is trying to move on in her life," she explained. "She's made a bit of a spectacle of herself in the neighbourhood and people think she's a crazy person who talks to herself. Of course she's been talking to the ghosts.

"So when we rejoin her, she's upped sticks and moved, she's creating this new life for herself and make new friends. Possibly even got a boyfriend!"

Unfortunately for Marley, the ghosts follow her to her new house and soon hinder her plans to fit in.

"In one episode someone has to get something out of a stinking, filthy, poisoned river," explained Sarah. "Obviously the ghosts can't go so Marley has to! I wrote a will before I got in because the toxicology report was so bad.

"Then I had to run down Ealing high street wet and semi-naked, which didn't cause the stir we were expecting. What's a girl to do!"

Marley's Ghosts series two begins on GOLD on Wednesday, October 19.


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