NBCUniversal's Peacock streaming service is now available on Roku

Peacock on Roku
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Roku and NBCUniversal today announced that the Peacock streaming service — home to the vast catalog of NBCUniversal shows as well as new exclusives — is finally available on Roku.

You can get the channel through the Roku Channel Store by searching on your device, or by adding from the web portal here.

“We are excited to bring Peacock and its unrivaled catalog to millions of Americans who enjoy entertainment on their favorite Roku devices,” said Maggie McLean Suniewick, President, Business Development and Partnerships, Peacock. “Roku customers are engaged streamers and we know they’ll love access to a wide range of free and paid content.”

Roku and Amazon Fire TV were the two major platforms missing from Peacock when it launched. The hangup, of course, was over money. Roku is an advertising platform as much as it is a hardware provider (more so, actually). And as the largest streaming platform in the United States, there's a lot of money at play here. But in the end, compromise was finally reached (or someone blinked). And as of today, Peacock will be available on Roku.

“Audience demand for compelling content is fueling a surging shift to streaming for a majority of American households today,” said Tedd Cittadine, Vice President of Content Acquisition, Roku. “We’re focused on delivering the kind of high-quality news and entertainment content Roku users want and love and we’re excited to welcome Peacock’s world-class programming to America’s #1 TV streaming platform and help NBCUniversal build a bigger fan base through our industry-leading, audience development tools.”

Peacock has a couple of options for plans. Its most basic service is free and supported by advertising. But that won't get you all of the content it has to offer, including new exclusive shows and live sports like the English Premier League. For that, you'll need the $4.99-a-month premium tier. And for an additional $5 a month you can bump up to the ad-free tier.

In addition to Roku, Peacock also is available on Apple TV, iOS and Android devices, Xbox, Vizio TVs, PlayStation, and others. It remains unavailable on Amazon Fire TV.

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