Neil Morrissey wants to behave badly again

(Image credit: Suzan/EMPICS Entertainment)

Neil Morrissey has said he would be keen to return for more Men Behaving Badly - but joked that Martin Clunes is too busy to do so.

The pair reprised their roles as laddish flatmates Gary and Tony for Channel 4's Stand Up To Cancer TV special, 16 years after the show ended.

"When people ask us if we'd do more, Martin always says it's down to scripts, but really it's pinning Martin down that's the problem!" he told TV Times.

The actor added: "Of course we probably would bring it back if we thought it could work."

Neil, who joins BBC1’s Death In Paradise as washed-up pop star Disco Biscuit, revealed jumping back into their old roles wasn't difficult.

"It was like riding a bike. We did that series for so long and Martin and I were such good pals anyway, even before the show, so we fell into our old routine really easily, it was great," he said. "It wasn't difficult because we see each other regularly anyway and the characters are so engrained."

Meanwhile, Neil admitted he had a fun time shooting Death In Paradise with co-stars Kris Marshall, Trevor Laird and Sally Phillips. 

"I felt sorry for Kris Marshall, because he had to turn up in a suit and tie, but we were all in linen trousers and floppy shirts," he said. "We used to strip off between takes and then, at the end of the day, we'd throw all our clothes on the beach and run into the sea.

"We were out there for 12 days but I only had to film for five, so we travelled around the islands... We did some snorkelling and went to lovely restaurants."

Watch Neil in Death In Paradise on Thursday 5 February.