A new NVIDIA Shield TV console gets its Bluetooth blessing


Source: CordCutters (Image credit: CordCutters)
What you need to know

• A new NVIDIA Shield is coming.

• It'll have Bluetooth.

• Because of course it'll have Bluetooth.

Birthing a new piece of tech hardware is a lot like gestating a baby. ... OK, it's actually nothing like that, except that there are a number of things that have to happen before you get your hands on one.

OK, that metaphor is going downhill fast. Really all you need to know is this: A new NVIDIA Shield "Android TV Game Console" has made its way through the Bluetooth Special Interest Group . Yes, there is such a thing, and it must give its blessing before Bluetooth can be used on a device. (Hat tip to 9to5 Google for spotting this one .)

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This one's for model P3430, which those of you who obsess over new hardware being birthed (yes, we're back on that already) will recall already has gone through the FCC a bit .

In other words: It's coming.

There's not a whole lot to be said beyond that. Of course a new NVIDIA Shield was going to include Bluetooth — it's how NVIDIA's remote control talks back to the base. So of course a new NVIDIA Shield was going to go through the Bluetooth SIG — just like pretty much every other device you've ever seen.

The real question we have is this: What is a new NVIDIA Shield going to bring that the current one lacks? That's not a facetious question, either. Because the current Shield is still a ridiculously powerful device, even given its age, which is tech years is somewhere around retirement.

You also have to wonder what sort of software improvements we might see in a new NVIDIA Shield. You can put money on it continuing to be a platform on which you'll play NVIDIA's large stable of GeForce Now games. And you can put money on it running all the other TV-friendly games you can find on Google Play.

And you can bet money on it continuing to be a great platform for cord-cutters. (Though it'll be interesting to see if AT&T TV Now ever gets a proper app on Android TV.)

But will Google be doing anything new to Android TV beyond the little tweaks we've seen this year? Stay tuned.