New on Netflix June 15-21: an expert picks 7 movies, shows and docs worth streaming

Jessica Alba and Tone Bell in Trigger Warning on Netflix
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While it's true that new streaming releases slow-down in the summer, Netflix apparently didn't get the menu, because it has loads of new uploads coming this week and I'm going to be cancelling my weekend plans in order to watch them all.

To help you find something new to watch this week, I've looked through Netflix's entire upload schedule to find you a new show, movie or documentary for you to see. By 'this week' I mean between Saturday, June 15 and Friday, June 21.

These seven days present a microcosm of everything Netflix is good for: there's a European crime thriller, a big-budget action movie, a sports docuseries, some stand-up comedy, a Korean competition and more. What else could you ask for?

So let's find you something to watch. Here's what our expert has picked that's hitting Netflix in June 15-21.

Outstanding: A Comedy Revolution

  • Documentary movie about LGBTQ+ comedy debuts on Tuesday, June 18

A still of Trixie Mattel in Netflix's documentary Outstanding: A Comedy Revolution

(Image credit: Netflix)

We usually start the week with a stand-up comedy show, but Netflix is instead kicking off proceedings with a feature documentary about stand-up comedy itself.

Outstanding: A Comedy Revolution takes a look at the history of queer comedy over the last half-century, combining the changes in stand-up and live comedy performances with the social changes with regards to LGBT+ attitudes. We'll look at how certain queer comedians changed people's attitudes towards the issues, with interviews with the likes of Eddie Izzard, Hannah Gadsby, Rosie O'Donnell and more.

You'll be able to watch A Comedy Revolution on Netflix from Tuesday, June 18.

Agents of Mystery

  • Korean reality competition series debuts on Tuesday, June 18

The cast of Netflix's Agents of Mystery

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Our Korean show this week is called Agents of Mystery, and I've been struggling to make heads or tails of it.

This reality show stars six Korean celebrities including singer Lee Yong-jin and actor John Park. They're put together to solve a series of challenges (think complicated escape rooms) in order to get to the bottom of various cases.

You'll be able to watch Agents of Mystery, and hopefully do a better job than I of figuring out what it is, on Tuesday, June 18.

Black Barbie

  • Toy documentary movie hits streaming on Wednesday, June 19

A collection of barbies in Netflix's Black Barbie

(Image credit: Netflix)

With the popularity of last year's Barbie it's no wonder that we're seeing more about the classic children's toy, and Netflix's new documentary explores another facet of the history.

Black Barbie is a feature doc about how three women at Mattel managed to convince the company to create the first black Barbie in the 1980s, which changed the course of the toy and had an impact on the culture it came from.

You'll be able to watch Black Barbie on Netflix from Wednesday, June 19.


  • Polish comedy movie arrives on Wednesday, June 19

The cast of the Netflix movie Inheritance.

(Image credit: Netflix)

A family comes together — and falls apart — in new Polish comedy movie Inheritance.

Inheritance follows the death of a gameshow host and inventor, who doesn't want a standard will for his disjointed family. Instead when he dies, his family finds themselves having to complete a gauntlet of tests and tasks to earn the money which, against their wishes, sees them coming closer together as a family.

To watch Inheritance, you'll need to sign into Netflix from Wednesday, June 19, which it joins the library.

America's Sweethearts: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader

  • Sports docuseries arrives on Thursday, June 20

A promotional still from America's Sweethearts: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

(Image credit: Netflix)

If you've enjoyed sports documentary series Last Chance U and Cheer then you'll enjoy America's Sweethearts, which comes from the same makers.

America's Sweethearts: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders looks at... well, you guessed it, the cheerleading squad for the Dallas Cowboys. It follows what it's like for this group of women through the 2023-24 NFL season, as they accompany the football team and have drama of their own.

All seven episodes of America's Sweethearts will land on Netflix in one batch on Thursday, June 20.

Gangs of Galicia

  • Spanish crime series arrives on Friday, June 21

Diego Anido in Netflix's Gangs of Galicia

(Image credit: Netflix)

It wouldn't be a week in Netflix's calendar if there wasn't a European crime show, and this time we've got Gangs of Galicia.

Gangs of Galicia centers on Ana, a lawyer from Madrid who moves to the town of Cambados in Galicia in order to start her life again. However her presence upsets the balance of the region's gangs, particularly from the head of the Padin clan who finds opportunity, and possibly more, in her arrival.

You'll be able to watch Gangs of Galicia on Netflix from Friday, June 21. 

Trigger Warning

  • Jessica Alba action movie lands on Friday, June 21

Jessica Alba in Trigger Warning on Netflix

(Image credit: Netflix)

Netflix's answer to the popular Road House remake from earlier this year? Its latest American action movie, at the very least, and also its second Original called Trigger Warning after a 2019 music series from Killer Mike.

Trigger Warning features Jessica Alba, a woman who used to be Special Forces but returns to her hometown after the death of her father in order to take over ownership of his bar. 

However it turns out that there's more going on in this town than she thought, which puts her up against a violent gang that's running rampant.

Trigger Warning hits Netflix on Friday, June 21.

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