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When does the new series of The Supervet start on C4?

Lola the Newfoundland needs help in The Supervet
(Image credit: Channel 4 Television)

Lola needs the help of The Supervet

The Supervet returns to C4 tonight for a 20th series with Professor Noel Fitzpatrick and his team again treating animals with tricky problems.

In the opening episode of the seven-part series, which is on C4 tonight at 8.00pm, Professor Noel helps a Newfoundland puppy called Lola, who comes in with a bad knee.

But vet Noel’s investigation reveals that poor Lola actually has three bad legs – what can Noel (below) do to help the gentle giant?

The Supervet

Meanwhile, also needing some TLC in the first episode is Sandy, a Labrador with a deformed paw. Will the bionic foot Noel makes her be a success?

Plus, we’ll also meet Moogi, a lab from Scotland who needs a giant op so he can enjoy Highland life again.

Episode two of The Supervet…

The Supervet episode two a poorly Persian cat

The Supervet will then be back the following Wednesday (19th September) on C4 at 8pm. The second episode will see vet Noel Fitzpatrick tackling some tricky medical procedures when a badly injured Persian cat (above) is brought into the surgery after being hit by a car.

Noel will be seen getting to work with a skin graft on his fluffy client and pieces together its badly crushed bones.

Also, in the second episode of The Supervet, a rescue dog receives a high-tech implant after a tumour is removed from his jaw.

The Supervet returns tonight on C4 at 8pm.