Paddy McGuinness on making Pretty Woman with Keith Lemon: 'I don’t mind the steamy scenes!'

Keith Lemon and Paddy McGuinness Pretty Woman
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The Richard Gere and Julia Roberts classic gets the Keith and Paddy treatment

Paddy McGuinness and Keith Lemon had a ball recreating the classic 1990s romantic comedy Pretty Woman for the latest instalment of their ITV show.

Back in 1990, Pretty Woman was a love story that became a huge box office hit. It stars Richard Gere as entrepreneur Edward Lewis, who hires a prostitute, Vivian Ward, played by Julia Roberts, to accompany him to business and social events. Then romance blossoms…

Now Pretty Woman is getting the Keith Lemon and Paddy McGuinness treatment, and here, the lads reveal what viewers can expect…

Why did you choose Pretty Woman as one of the movies to recreate?

Keith: "We try and choose films everyone knows. It puts a lovely nostalgic feeling in people’s hearts when they watch it."

Paddy: "When people think of these classic films, everyone has those scenes that pop into their heads. It’s also nice to introduce a younger generation to them."

Keith and Paddy in Pretty Woman

So, which of you is playing Richard Gere? And who’s Julia Roberts?

Keith: "I’m playing Julia Roberts and Paddy does a really good Richard Gere! We do the scene with the necklace in the box, we do the scene in the bath and we make sweet love on a piano – don’t forget that, Paddy!"

Paddy: "Oh, I certainly won’t forget that!"

Paddy, do you mind filming the ‘raunchy scenes’?

Paddy: "I don’t mind the steamy scenes. I get more stressed about having to put the prosthetics on. When you’re in some weird, uncomfortable costume all day and you can’t take it off, it’s horrendous."

It was snowing when you were filming this episode…

Keith: "Myself and Louise Redknapp were pretty cold because we were dressed as hookers in the snow. Can I say hookers? Prostitutes? Ladies of  the night? Oh, I don’t know…"

Did you film any of it in Beverly Hills, where the real film is set?

Keith: "It worked out well for me because I was already out there filming Through The Keyhole. So we filmed a lot of the Rodeo Drive scenes at the same time. We weren’t allowed to film in the shops, so when I go into a shop and we cut to the interior I’m in a butcher’s in England."

Paddy: "It’s a bit like Coronation Street in the sense that the actual frontage is not the place you go into…"

Keith: "So there’s a scene in a butcher’s shop. We also go into a charity shop and that’s where Amanda Holden and Tracy-Ann Oberman are the snotty sales assistants. They should do a TV show, just the two of them. They are like Laurel and Hardy – but sexy!"

What do you most enjoy about making the series?

Keith: "Just working with all your friends, living the dream and making these ‘films’ is a highlight of every day. I love doing all the other shows I do but this one is the only one where, at the end, I’m a bit sad because it’s so much fun."

Watch Keith Lemon and Paddy McGuinness recreating Pretty Woman on ITV this Satuday at 9.20pm.


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