Paul O'Grady selects the dogs that stole his heart

paul at battersea dogs and cats home (Image credit: jesper mattias)

As For the Love of Dogs returns, the nation's most famous dog lover Paul O'Grady picks his favourite pets

As a new series of For the Love of Dogs (ITV, Thursday, Sept 1), takes to our screens Paul takes a look back over past series and shares his favourite four-legged co-stars, including the one from this series which stole his heart.

From Shiver Productions PAUL O'GRADYS FOR THE LOVE OF DOGS COMING SOON TO ITV Pictured : Paul O'Grady with PRINCE Paul O’Grady returns to Battersea Dogs and Cats Home for eight brand new episodes of canine commotion in this award winning programme. And this new series packs more of a doggie punch than ever before as Paul’s emotions are put through the wringer by a host of new breeds never previously featured facing problems never before seen. And as ever, Paul rolls up his sleeves to help care for these troubled dogs, supporting them through some heart- breaking moments with his unique blend of love, charm and humour. In the series opener, Paul's on hand to try and help three lost souls find a new home. First to pull on Pauls emotions is Spencer the stray beagle, who is consigned to quarantine with a contagious virus. Not only that, the suspected ex-hunt dog is petrified of humans so Paul really has his work cut out to try and coax him out of his shell. Unless Paul can help Spencer to loosen up, the terrified dog;s got no chance of winning over any potential new owners... Paul also meets intriguing Lydia the Hungarian Puli, a heavily dreadlocked rare pedigree, who is struggling in the hot summer heat. This beautiful dog is in desperate need to find a way to cool down, and Paul reckons hes found the perfect, if unorthodox, solution - doggie ice- lollies. But will Paul’s handiwork in the kitchen provide the refreshing treat Lydia needs to help keep her cool? Finally Paul enjoys some rough and tumble with Tintin the tearaway Yorkie. This effervescent pup arrived as a bit of a scruff-bag and so Paul’s first job with him is to take him on a trip to the hairdressers. But his new look only serves to make this live-wire more excitable than ever - and when a determined Paul tries to teach him a few manners, he’s soon run totally ragged… © Battersea Dogs & Cats Home Photographer : Kate Walch For further information please contact Peter Gray 0207 1

Paul has become attached to Prince, who has a tumour, no teeth and is very old.... from this year's show.


paul o'grady faourite dogs

paul and eddie

Paul just couldn’t resist tiny puppy Eddie… "I took him at the very last minute of the last shoot of that series," he remembers.

"We went in to see this litter of puppies and I’d been told they’d all been rehomed. But Eddie hadn’t. He was the runt and Rachel, the Head Vet Nurse, had to hand rear him. She was really worried about him so I said, 'Oh give him here!' He’s feisty now, a real character, but Olga is still in charge of my dogs – she’s like Ma Baker!"



paul o'grady favourite dogs

paul with tulip

Paul always flies the flag for Staffies, and lovely Tulip almost made it into the O’Grady clan. "I love Staffies, they’re such nice dogs," he said. "They’re unbelievably affectionate and they always look like they’re grinning! They’re so funny. There have been so many that I’ve been mad for, especially Tulip. Unfortunately Eddie took great exception to her and beat her up, he was a nightmare, so she had to go back to Battersea. She was lovely."


paul o'grady favourite dogs

paul with dolly

Dolly proved a hit on the show as her severe overbite gave her a ‘distinctive’ look. But it wasn’t long before she managed to charm a new owner…

"Ahhh Dolly with her teeth! Some dogs I look at and, with the best intentions, I wonder if they’ll ever get a home," admitted Paul. "But someone falls in love with them, every pan has a lid.

"She was a typical Shih Tzu, they always have those big overbites, it’s just that hers was a bit more pronounced. She was sweet-natured though, I don’t think she was quite aware of the way she looked!"


paul o'grady favourite dogs

paul with carmine

Carmine was brought into Battersea when he grew too large for his then-owners to handle. Paul still regrets not bringing him home to his farm in Kent.

"Carmine was definitely my favourite of all the dogs, I really do rue the day I didn’t take him home with me," he said. "I loved that dog and we just clicked, he was smashing. He’s got a great home now, but he came back to visit a year later and as soon as he saw me he was like a maniac. He’s changed his name to Elvis!"


paul o'grady favourite dogs

paul with the queen and the corgi

Paul entertained royalty when the Queen popped into Battersea for a visit. Battersea had never had a corgi before but, lo and behold, one turned up. The Queen was fascinated with him, but Beama the corgi was apparently very offhand with Her Majesty.