Polar Express Christmas Quiz... The Answers

(Image credit: Courtesy of Warner Bros. Picture)

Without more ado ... Here are the answers to our Polar Express Christmas Quiz.

1). What does the Hero Boy's encyclopedia say about the North Pole?

B) Devoid of life.... Which is of course totally wrong 'cos there's an exceptionally productive present wrapping factory up there plus billions of elf workers and Santa. Duh!

2). What happens when the Hero Boy runs out of his room as the train arrives?

B). He tears his robe... Mum's not gonna be too pleased about that, sonny.

3). What drink did the dancing waiters serve on the train?

D). Hot chocolate.. And without spilling a drop despite putting Gene Kelly to shame with their tap-dancing. Give those guys a Christmas bonus.

4). Which animal stood in the way of the Polar Express on the train tracks?

D). Moose... Hey, at least it's a better excuse than the wrong kind of snow, right.

5). What does the Hero Boy repeatedly say to the Hero Girl?

A). Are you sure?.. Luckily for him this is a children's film full of Christmas spirit, so she doesn't clock him one...

6). What was the hobo on the top of the train cooking over his campfire?

B). His Sock... Now that's what I call haute cuisine. Yum.

7). How did the children travel through Santa's workshop?

C). In a suction tube... Apparently Santa updated his transport system just before the recession to get the maximum man hours out of his elfin workforce.

8). What word does the conductor punch on the Hero Girl's ticket?

B). Lead... Cos Santa's clearly into girl power.

9). What was the first gift of Christmas?

A). A bell from Santa's sleigh... But, as all us bankrupt parents know, it's unlikely to be the last.

10). Which of these characters did NOT look eerily like Tom Hanks?

D). The Know-It-All Boy... And if you thought he did, that was just the brandy butter talking, folks.

Now tote up your score and give yourself a glass of sherry (kids, that's an extra bite of Christmas Yule Log to you) if you scored 8 or above....

And if you got under four you may want to consider paying more attention next time. Or a trip to Specsavers in the new year!