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Luke Norris: ‘Saying goodbye to Dwight and Poldark is like leaving school!'

Dr Dwight Enys has plenty of patients in Poldark (Image credit: BBC/Mammoth Screen/Mike Hogan)

Luke Norris on the wedge that's being driven between Dr Dwight Enys and his wife Caroline in Poldark's final ever series…

Dr Dwight Enys has his work cut out in this final series of Poldark. This week, he’s helping to save 20 trapped workers after a mine disaster, as well as rescuing George Warleggan when he’s pushed to the limits of his grief over Elizabeth.

Then there’s the small matter of saving his own marriage to Caroline (Gabriella Wilde), which isn’t out of the woods since baby Sarah’s tragic death last series. Plus he's been making sure Ross doesn’t fall foul of mad Irishman Ned Despard’s crazy antics!

Here, Luke Norris who plays the kind-hearted doctor, tells What's On TV more about Dwight’s struggles and how he’s looking forward to wearing jeans again…


What's On TV: What’s the state of Dwight's marriage to Caroline after all their heartache?

Luke Norris: "There’s a will for their marriage to succeed and a recognition that they need each other. I suppose they’ve reached an uneasy equilibrium after the loss of baby Sarah, but then some disruptive characters enter their world, as well as some conflict instigated by the arrival of Ned Despard back into their lives."


WOTV: Does that put him and Ross Poldark at loggerheads?

LN: "Yes, particularly after the awful stuff that happened to him last year, Dwight’s hoping more than ever for a quiet life from Ross, but as per usual he gets himself embroiled in some pretty big, scary stuff. The stakes are so high and the possible dangers so present and potentially fatal that Dwight just doesn’t want to be a part of it anymore. He’s quite angry with Ross a lot of the time this series because he’s putting everyone around him in danger. For the first time their friendship is tested!"


WOTV: Dwight’s also been pursuing a newfound passion for mental health. Is that inspired by his own experiences?

LN: "It’s partly because of what he’s been through, France and Sarah, that Dwight goes further and further down the mental health route of care. In the next set of Winston Graham’s books Dwight’s actually treating the madness of King George!"


WOTV:Does it end up being a distraction in terms of what’s going on at home?

LN: "Yes, he’s just throwing himself into this cause in an attempt to ignore everything else really. For Dwight remedying other people’s mental health is a way of not having to deal with the fractures at home. Some new and disruptive characters enter their world and one of them in particular drives a bit of a wedge between Dwight and Caroline. They spend the series kind of working that out and like all good married couples ignoring the problem until it’s too late!"


Dwight and Caroline in Poldark

Dwight and Caroline have been through some very trying times in Poldark (Image credit: BBC/Mammoth Screen)

WOTV: How do you feel about Poldark coming to an end?

LN: "I’ve made great friends, so I’m going to miss everyone. It’s strange, saying goodbye to Dwight and Poldark is a bit like leaving school, although I’m partly excited about what happens next. I’d love to wear a pair of jeans and not be in period costume!"


WOTV: So what’s next?

LN: "My wife [the actress Joanna Horton] and I actually having another baby, so that’s the main project! The plan is that my wife will go out to work for a bit and I’ll stay at home with the kids. That’s been the downside of working away five days a week is that I’ve been away from my two-year-old daughter and I just want to be at home with her for a bit!"


WOTV: Did you ever bring your daughter onto the Poldark set?

LN: "She came one day when we were filming near Gabriella’s house and I took her for a play date round there. Gabriella’s son is about three months older than my daughter. She didn’t really know what was going on but she had a lovely time!"

Interview by Hannah Davies

Poldark continues on BBC1 at 9pm, Sundays

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