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Pulling creators reunite for 'hellish dinner party' C4 sitcom

Sharon Horgan and Dennis Kelly – the creators of critically acclaimed comedy Pulling – have reunited to write a new sitcom pilot for Channel 4.

Described as a show that explores 'the horror and hilarity of social engagement', The Circuit follows 'the worst dinner party that's ever happened in the world anywhere'.

It follows the (mis)fortunes of Gabe and (Utopia's Adeel Akhtar) and Nat (Waking the Dead's Eva Birthistle), who have left their wonderful old life and moved to an area where people behave anywhere between highly-strung and psychopathic. 

Gabe and Nat go to one dinner party, hosted by neighbour Helene (Victoria Hamilton) and her husband Sasha (Tobias Menzies) with fellow prisoners Danny (Paul Ready), Marty (Nicola Walker) and her girlfriend Angie (Desiree Akhavan). And so begins a descent into hell and Goulash, from which no one will ever fully recover…

Phil Clarke, Channel 4's head of comedy, said: "The pitch for The Circuit was irresistible. The premise - that everyone hates going to dinner parties but goes anyway - is a great starting place for a comedy.  Plus, the prospect of a script from Sharon Horgan and Dennis Kelly, writing together again for the first time since Pulling, was incredibly exciting. The script didn’t disappoint, and I am delighted that we are now making a pilot."

Dennis Kelly and Sharon Horgan, also serving as executive producers, said: "It has taken just 10 short years for us to agree to work together again. It was a mistake."