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'Who put 50p in Lorraine?' Gogglebox stars react to Lorraine Kelly's stand off with GMB guest Jennifer Arcuri

Lorraine Kelly 'emotional' over OBE
Lorraine Kelly 'emotional' over OBE (Image credit: PA)

Lorraine Kelly left Good Morning Britain viewers stunned when she unexpectedly turned on Jennifer Arcuri.

And the nation got to re-live the scenes through Gogglebox on Friday night - and the stars of the hit Channel 4 show's reactions were priceless.

Lorraine, 59, is best known for being one of TV's friendliest hosts. But she was far from welcoming to Boris Johnson's "friend" Jennifer Arcuri.

During a split-screen, in which Lorraine usually briefs viewers on what's coming up on her own show, Lorraine called Jennifer out for failing to answer any of Susanna Reid or Piers Morgan's questions on whether her relationship with Boris was romantic during a GMB interview.


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Clearly angry, Lorraine said, "What's the point in you coming on air to clear the air and not saying anything."

Shocked, Jennifer replied, "I'm sorry?"


Lorraine repeated her question, to which Jennifer said, "I believe I said a few things. What was it that you were looking for that I didn’t say?"

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"You didn't answer any of the questions put to you, I don’t see the point of you being on... anyway," Lorraine explained.

While Jennifer was clearly put out by Lorraine's intense line of questioning, the stars of Gogglebox praised Lorraine for her straight-forward approach.

"Who stuck 50p in Lorraine," star of the show, Pete Sandiford, said. And it had fans in hysterics, branding it "quote of the week".

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Another said, "@Petesandiford has me creasing every week. ‘Who’s put 50p in lorraine’.

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A third chimed in, "@Petesandiford Quote of the week! "Who put 50p in Lorraine?"

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The brother and sister duo have been making viewers chuckle since they joined Gogglebox back in 2018 - which Blackpool-born Sophie said was a "pinch-me" moment.

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Credit: Getty

On being asked to do the show, she admitted, "We can still pop out for milk, but I can always tell when we're on telly because my phone buzzes with new Twitter followers."

Pete confessed, "We're still gobsmacked that we’re on the show. A woman came up to me saying me and Soph were ace – when people take the time to do that, it means a lot."