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Rebecca Craven: ‘Waterloo Road’s wrap party was amazing!’ (VIDEO)

(Image credit: BBC/Headstrong Pictures (WR) Ltd)

Rebecca Craven reveals Waterloo Road’s cast and crew let their hair down in spectacular fashion only hours after filming finished on the last ever episode of the school drama.

Rebecca said: “Our wrap party was amazing! There were lots of drink, we got dressed up and everyone – cast and crew – let their hair down and celebrated.”

Despite Waterloo Road coming to an end, Rebecca wasn’t quite ready to shake off her schoolgirl persona of Rhiannon Salt. But her requests for a school disco themed party fell on deaf ears: “I pitched the idea of a school disco, but the adults didn’t like it! It was a glamorous night with lots of dancing.”

Rebecca also confessed she’s pilfered quite a few keepsakes from the Waterloo Road set: “I’ve got so many – my school tie, blazer, pencil case… I’ve actually got the schoolhouse sign.

“If I ever get really rich, I’m going to put it in my downstairs loo!”

Watch the full interview with Rebecca Craven, above