Mad about Moomins! Hollywood stars Rosamund Pike and Taron Egerton on their Moominvalley roles

Moominvalley rosamund pike and taron egerton

We travelled to Finland to catch up with Rosamund Pike and Taron Egerton to hear about Sky 1's Moominvalley...

Hollywood stars, Rosamund Pike and Taron Egerton are among a host of big names Brits lending their vocal talents to a brand new animated series, Moominvalley, which follows the magical adventures of the cute hippo-like creatures that were the brainchild of Finnish author and illustrator Tove Jansson back in the 1940s.

The Moomins have enjoyed huge popularity around the world ever since and now a new 13-part series, Moominvalley on Sky 1, follows the magical adventures of young Moomintroll (voiced by Taron) and his eccentric friends and family, under the watchful eye of his loving mother, Moominmamma (Rosamund).

Taron of Kingsman and Eddie The Eagle fame, and former Bond girl Rosamund, who was nominated for an Oscar for 2014 film Gone Girl, are joined by an A-list voice cast including Jennifer Saunders (Mymble), Matt Lucas (Teety-Woo), Kate Winslet (Mrs Fillyjonk) and Matt Berry (Moominpappa).

TV & Satellite travelled to Helsinki, Finland, for an exclusive chat with Rosamund Pike and Taron Egerton to hear more about Moominvalley on Sky 1

How would you describe Moominvalley?

Rosamund Pike: "If you have children, it’s the sort of thing you’d want them to be watching before they go to bed. It has a sort of calming power."

Taron Egerton: "I agree. Even though there are moments of chaos and drama and action, it’s got a wonderfully lucid, uncluttered quality. It looks gorgeous, too!"

Rosamund Pike: "It’s also exciting to be part of something that’s such a treasured part of Finland’s cultural heritage. It’s such a celebrated and recognised thing, we feel a bit flattered."

moominvalley rosamund pike and taron egerton

The Moomin family and friends (Image credit: Gusty Animations)

What do you think it is about the Moomins that made them such a worldwide phenomenon?

Rosamund Pike: "The drawings. I mean look at them, they have such appealing faces – this quizzical, comforting look. There’s something very inviting about them. They’re hippo-like and I’ve always found hippos very appealing, too!"

Taron Egerton: "There’s a richness to their world that you can sort of get lost in."


(Image credit: Gutsy Animations)

What do the Moomin characters you play mean to you?

Taron Egerton: "There’s real purity in the relationship between Moomintroll and Moominmamma that really speaks to me because of my own experiences. Like a lot of teenagers, I had this really acute period of quite intense anxiety and a fear about growing up and about who I was. I remember my mother being a very calming force throughout all that and a sort of guiding hand. I think it’s like that for lots of mothers and sons."

Rosamund Pike: "As a mother of sons I’m aware that this is all coming – you hope you don’t lose the connection when they become teenagers. Moominmamma is always negotiating other people’s needs of her, then suddenly being left wondering who she is, which I think a lot of mothers can relate to. She’s also someone who has tremendous skills – she makes everything happen and sorts everything out."

Moominvalley rosamund pike and taron egerton

Moomintroll  is enchanted when he finds a real dragon, just the right size to be a pet. (Image credit: Gutsy Animations)

Did you know you were going to play mother and son when you signed up?

Taron Egerton: "Yeah, I knew Rosamund was involved when I joined…"

Rosamund Pike: "I remember walking across a square in London and hearing that they wanted me to do it and it being one of the most exciting phone calls because I’ve loved the Moomins for so long! But, actually, Taron and I had never met before!"

Taron, you’re about to star as Elton John in Rocketman, where we’ll hear you singing. Do you enjoy singing for a wide audience?

Taron Egerton: "Yeah it’s fun. It’s something I really love doing and I’m a huge, huge show off! Also I’m from Wales, so singing is a very big thing, there’s something quite primal about it."


* Moominvalley begins on Sky1 on Good Friday 19 April, 5.30pm when the Box Set is also available on Sky Kids and Now TV






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