Sarah Smart: I'm the luckiest actress in the world

Sarah Smart: I'm the luckiest actress in the world
Sarah Smart: I'm the luckiest actress in the world (Image credit: UK Press/Press Association Image)

Sarah Smart tells us about working with her comedy hero Ben Miller in Death In Paradise (BBC1, Tuesday)... Did you enjoy starring in this week’s Death In Paradise? "I feel like the luckiest actress in the world this year. I got to travel to Guadeloupe for Death In Paradise and then Sweden for the third series of Wallander. It’s been amazing." Tell us about your role in the comedy show? "I play Suzie Park, a passenger on a ferry to Saint-Marie and DI Richard Poole (Ben Miller) is on board escorting a prisoner back to the island. But the prisoner is killed and all the ferry passengers become murder suspects. It’s all very embarrassing for DI Poole as he was handcuffed to the prisoner at the time he was stabbed in the back!" So what is your character Suzie like? "She’s an Agatha Christie fanatic so she introduces herself to DI Poole and starts babbling on about murders. I just really relished the comedy aspect of my scenes because she’s such a crazy character. She’s quite mad, but I hope I haven’t gone too far with her!" Did you enjoy working with Ben Miller? "Yes, he’s a real laugh. I’ve always admired his work so it was a joy to be work with him. I was just worried in case he didn’t think I was funny! But we got on really well, so that was good." How long did you spend in Guadaloupe where the show is filmed? "It was only a cameo role, but I really lucked out because I got to stay there for two weeks! We stayed in an amazing complex right on the beach with a lovely pool. So on our day off we were sitting round the pool going, ‘What have we done to deserve this?’ All of the actors in the episode – Lee Boardman, Colin Salmon and Jeanie Spark – asked the producers if there was any way we could come back for the next series!" So what’s in store for your character Ann-Brit in the next series of Wallander? "This time she gets her guns out and actually gets to shoot them! She’s a cool cop and very good at her job. She and Wallander have a mutual respect. She’s very clued up – the total opposite to Suzie Park!"

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