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Save $300 at Best Buy on Vizio's futuristic Elevate Sound Bar

Vizio Elevate soundbar
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The Vizio Elevate soundbar — one of the coolest additions to your home entertainment system that we've seen this year — has been hit by a pretty deep Black Friday discount

The Elevate soundbar, which considers itself a 5.1.4 variety, has speakers that rotate upward when they're taking advantage of content encoded for Dolby Atmos, and return frontward when handling more pedestrian audio. It also has (mostly) wireless surround speakers that plug into the subwoofer, so you don't have to worry about running wires all the way around your living room.

Dolby Atmos is the audio standard that allows sounds to hang in three-dimensional space as "objects," instead of just coming at you from a certain direction. 

The Elevate normally retails for $999 but already has been dropped to $699. That's a savings of $300, or 30 percent.

Vizio Elevate Sound Bar

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In addition to having the speakers that rotate — which is very cool to see in person — the Elevate also takes advantage of the new eARC standard, which allows the best audio bandwidth and bitrate you can get these days. That'll require a display that uses eARC, though. (Theoretically it'll also make the digital handshake connecting the soundbar to displays even easier.)

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