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Sling TV now integrates over-the-air channels on 2020 LG smart TVs

Over-the-air channels on Sling on an LG smart TV
Sling now integrates local listings from an over-the-air antenna alongside its streaming channels on 2020 LG smart TVs. (Image credit: Sling)

Sling TV today announced that it can integrate local listings from over-the-air antennas in its online guide on LG smart TVs. 

Why's that a good thing? If you have a 2020 LG smart TV, and you use Sling TV as your streaming provider and decide to connect an over-the-air antenna to supplement things, it'll show those listings right alongside all the channels to which you've subscribed on Sling TV.

So all of your channels are now in one place.

Any use an over-the-air antenna when there's a pretty good chance that Sling TV also has your local affiliates? It's almost certain that you'll get more local channels via an OTA antenna than Sling will have access to by default. The streaming services generally have the four major broadcast channels — ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox, but they usually are lacking any of the secondary channels that broadcast affiliates may carry.

You'll still need to use the TVs auto-scan feature to discover all the local channels in your area, but then the Sling apps picks things up from there, piggybacking on that list.

Phil Nickinson

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