Southern Charm recap: Kathryn and Chleb get back together, then he complains to Naomie

Southern Charm season 8 episode 6
What happened in the latest episode of Southern Charm season 8? (Image credit: Bravo)

Southern Charm season 8, episode six kicked off with Craig Conover, Shep Rose and Austen Kroll heading to his childhood home in Charlotte, North Carolina to clean out his stuff before it was sold.

Later on, back in Charleston, South Carolina, Olivia Flowers hosted an oyster roast party for the crew, minus Venita Aspen, who she’s been having issues with. It appeared that Austen didn’t know that his ex-girlfriend, Madison LeCroy (who recently got engaged to Brett Randle) was going to be at the party. “Why is Madison here? After all the **** that I’ve said to Olivia about her,” Austen said in his confessional, referring to how he and Olivia have casually been seeing each other. 

He then went around complaining about Madison's presence at the party to Craig, Kathryn Dennis and John Pringle; he also had an issue with Madison not telling him that she was getting engaged. 

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Austen and Olivia talked at the party, and he brought up Madison being invited. “What the hell? With Madison, like I’m sitting here watching the five of ya’ll like, ‘aha, ahh, oh my god,’ and I was like, oh my gosh. I felt slighted. It was like, like **** she’s doing here?” he said. Then, Olivia asked the million-dollar question: Why did Austen care? His reasoning was that no one that he’s interested in will be friends with her. Olivia replied saying that she just wants to co-exist. After all, she was invited to Madison’s birthday party and didn’t see a problem with doing the southern thing of inviting her. 

“I’m waiting for the day for you not to care about her. Let me know when that happens. I cannot stand how present she is in our conversations,” Olivia said, noting that on their date the previous week, Madison was talked about through each course in the meal. 

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Two days prior, Kathryn and Chleb Ravenell had gotten back together after breaking up in episode three. That didn’t stop him, however, from filling in Naomie Olindo, (who hasn’t had a great relationship with Kathryn) on their relationship woes. As it turned out, Chleb has known Naomie longer than he’s known Kathryn.

Chleb said that he’s been feeling overwhelmed, and Kathryn talks about drama all the time and he tunes her out. “I think being around her is ****ing, it’s, I don’t know,” he said. “Why are you dating her then?” Naomie asked. “That’s my girl,” Chleb said. 

Naomie asked if he thought that Kathryn would be upset that the two of them spoke, to which he answered, “of course.” As the two were getting a drink, the conversation continued. “You don’t really need to deal with a narcissist like that,” Naomie said, noting that Kathryn is toxic. Chleb said that he feels like he’s the person who can break her out of it.

Chleb then walked over to Kathryn and immediately brought up Naomie. He then said she was trying to manipulate him and their conversation. When Kathryn asked how their talk ended, he said it was with him not saying what Naomie wanted to hear.

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 Southern Charm continues on Thursdays at 9 pm ET on Bravo. 

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