Southern Charm recap: one couple breaks up while another cast member gets engaged

Southern Charm season 8
What happened in Southern Charm this week? (Image credit: Bravo)

Episode three of Southern Charm season 8 has the cast catching up on the events from Naomie Olindo’s party.

Craig Conover recapped the evening with his long-distance girlfriend, Paige DeSorbo from Bravo’s Summer House. In the last episode, Craig sat down with Naomie, his ex-girlfriend, and they talked about their hookups over the summer. 

Austen Kroll had told Naomie that Craig was making it seem like their hookups were throwaway things and made Craig seem very aloof about the situation. “He wants people to have a problem with you. That’s awful,” Paige told Craig. “Yeah, and I don’t even know if I want to be friends with him anymore,” Craig said. 

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Meanwhile, Shep Rose was catching up with John Pringle, but saw things differently than Craig. “The fact that Craig has a problem is kind of crazy. Like you still have to foster your friendships, like I don’t care where you are in life,” Shep said. 

“I hope he and Austen patch up, because they really are close.” Shep was referring to episode one when the three of them had an unfinished discussion at Kathryn Dennis’ birthday party. Shep and Austen don’t think that Craig is putting effort into their friendships, but Craig doesn’t think it’s healthy for him to be around them. 

Southern Charm season 8

Shep Rose. (Image credit: Bravo)

Craig called Austen to meet up and talk about the disconnect in their friendship (or lack thereof these days). Austen expressed that he feels like Craig is pushing him away, and Craig responded by saying it feels like Austen is trying to tear him down. “I feel like I am like a major ****ing champion of you, Craig, so that makes no sense to me,” Austen said. 

Craig brought up how Austen went to Naomie and asked how many times they had hooked up, to which Austen said he doesn’t care, but Craig told him a lie so it made him feel like an outsider. Austen agreed it was none of his business to get into the timeline to see if Craig had cheated on Paige. Just as the conversation looked like it was going in a positive direction, it continued on a bad path. 

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"I feel like you’ve been a ****ty friend to me. You use a friendship for when it’s convenient for you,” Austen said, citing when Craig was single and how they would hang out all the time, but now he’s bailed. “Why would I try to hang out with someone that keeps throwing me under the bus?” Craig asked. The good news is that the guys agreed they wanted to move forward and rekindle their friendship. Time will tell how that goes.

Shep decided to host a boys’ barbecue, and it was quite eventful. When Craig showed up, he was under the impression that everyone, including Austen, knew that Austen’s ex-girlfriend, Madison LeCroy, was engaged. However, it was something she would be announcing on Amazon Live 45 minutes from then. Craig didn’t tell Austen about it ahead of time and, instead, put on the Amazon Live, where she did announce her engagement to Brett Randle. “What a poor **** he is. To a life a servitude with ****ing Medusa,” Austen said.

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There’s trouble in paradise with Kathryn and her boyfriend, Chleb Ravenell. The two got into a fight and Chleb left and has been gone for five days, which triggered Kathryn’s abandonment issues. Chleb did, however, show up to the boys’ barbecue. He filled the group in on what was going on with him and Kathryn. 

She has her daughter, Kensie, and son, Saint, every other weekend, and wants Chleb to spend more time with them. His job requires him to work on the weekends, which makes it hard for him to see them. 

Chleb Ravenell in Southern Charm season 8

Chleb and Kathryn exchanged some harsh words. (Image credit: Bravo)

Chleb returned back home to Kathryn where she was cooking him dinner. Tensions were high the second he walked through the door. Kathryn expressed that she’s going through a lot, in terms of going to court with her ex-boyfriend and father of her children, and feels like Chleb lacks empathy. “It’s all your feelings though, that’s what I’m saying. It’s like I don’t even have any feelings. You don’t care about my feelings,” Chleb said. 

Chleb told Kathryn that he’s feeling overwhelmed with watching what’s going on with the custody battle, to which she said maybe he shouldn’t be in a relationship and it’s not working. “I think we just need to just, you know, calm down and clear our head,” Chleb said. “I can’t keep trying if I don’t feel like you’re trying,” Kathryn said. Right then and there, she ended the relationship and Chleb packed his things.

Southern Charm continues on Thursday, July 14 at 9 pm ET on Bravo.

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