Southern Charm recap: Naomie admits that she didn’t hook up with her ex Craig just once

Southern Charm
What happened in Southern Charm this week? (Image credit: Bravo)

As the cast of Southern Charm worked on curing their hangovers, they also caught up on the previous evening at Kathryn Dennis’ eventful 30th birthday party

Craig Conover’s girlfriend, Paige DeSorbo from Bravo’s Summer House, admitted that she talked to Naomie Olindo, Craig’s ex-girlfriend, a lot at the party and it wasn’t the most comfortable thing. Who could blame her? Especially since Craig had admitted that he recently hooked up with Naomie in Las Vegas.

Kicking off episode two of Southern Charm season 8, Austen Kroll and Olivia Flowers went on a double date with Shep Rose and Taylor Ann Green. That’s when Austen revealed that he talked with Leva Bonaparte and they both think that Craig and Naomie hooked up when they were back in Charleston, South Carolina, which would be after Vegas. While Craig said that he told Paige about what happened in Vegas (which was when they started dating but weren’t official yet), Austen doesn’t think that he told her everything. “But if I know f*** Craig, which I do better than he knows himself, the man is not able to just hook up with a girl and like walk away, especially Naomie, who I’ve always had a hunch that he’s been in love with her for five years,” Austen said.

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Naomie hosted a party at her mother’s house and invited the whole crew. On the way over with John Pringle, Craig reminisced about the memories he had at the house and with Naomie, revealing that they almost got engaged. When they arrived at the party, John filled Naomie in on some of the memories Craig shared. With Paige back in New York, it was bound to be an interesting night with these two exes in one space.

Shep brought his cousin, Marcie Hobbs, who is pregnant with her first child, a baby girl, to the party. She was able to provide insight on how their family has so much money and how before she got married she considered herself “a girl Shep,” aka a party girl.

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Craig and Naomie caught up and talked about their time together at the house while Austen and Leva looked on from afar. “They just seem like they’re getting back together,” she said. Next, Austen and Madison LeCroy, his ex-girlfriend, came face-to-face and all seemed fine. Craig joined in and they asked about him talking to Naomie. “Craig, you still love her,” Madison said. “I will always love all my exes,” Craig responded. Craig admitted that he and Naomie have some things to talk about that have been festering. We’ll stay tuned for that.

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Moving inside the house, Patricia Altschul brought up the scene that happened between Naomie and Kathryn in the previous episode. Olivia gave her input by saying that she thinks Kathryn was upset, because when Naomie wasn’t happy about the Cameran Eubanks rumors she thought Kathryn was spreading, she posted about it on social media instead of going to her directly. “I don’t like this girl. What’s she doing?” Venita Aspen commented about Olivia. Olivia told Venita to calm down, which she didn’t appreciate and the situation escalated from there.

While Olivia claimed she wasn’t picking a side, it was apparent to the other women that she was, and it was Kathryn’s. She didn’t understand why Naomie even showed up to Kathryn’s party if she didn’t want to be there. “What are you trying to do right now?” Naomie asked. Olivia walked away and the conversation ended there (sort of). Venita went up to Olivia separately to apologize and let her know that she didn’t want her to feel attacked. So at least they were able to quickly reconcile.

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Meanwhile, Leva sat down with Naomie and asked about Craig. (Remember, Leva was also in Vegas, separately, and had lunch with Naomie and Craig.) Austen joined in the conversation and asked the million-dollar question: “You guys did not just sleep together once. True or false?” Naomie admitted that it was twice. 

Austen said that the way Craig was talking about it was like it was just a throw away thing and a one and done. Naomie had a hard time believing that Craig would describe her in that way, and that’s when Craig happened to walk in (and Austen and Leva split). Naomie filled him in and Craig claimed he told Austen, as well as his girlfriend Paige, that he slept with Naomie twice. Craig denied making their hookups sound like a throwaway thing. He also confirmed that he didn’t regret it.

“When Metul and I broke up, I was so heartbroken. And I think in reaching out to Craig, I was seeking comfort in somebody that I trusted, and somebody that I knew understood me. But it was just kind of a fleeting thing,” Naomie said in her confessional.

Let’s see what happens with these exes on Southern Charm next week when it airs on Thursday, July 5 at 9pm ET on Bravo.

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