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The Chase's Bradley Walsh criticises contestant for making low offer suggestion

The Chase
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The low offer has always divided fans...

The Chase presenter Bradley Walsh wasn't happy when a contestant suggested the low offer.

Monday's episode of the popular quiz show saw Donna, Huw, Joyce and Luke teaming up to take on the Chaser.

The team was up against Anne "The Governess" Hegerty for this game,hoping to out quiz her and walk away with some money.

Luke was the first contestant to take on Anne, and managed to rack up an impressive £7,000 in the Cash Builder.

Most of the time, contestants would urge their teammates to stick with the middle offer instead of going low or high.

But Donna surprised Bradley when she encouraged Luke to take the low offer of £1,000.

"What?! He’s just got £7,000!" The presenter exclaimed after Donna's suggestion.

But she stuck by her advice, adding, "Yeah, but we need all the players we can get!"

In response Bradley criticised her position, saying, "We already know where seat four is going.”

Luke decided to stick with his £7,000 in the end, but was eventually caught by Anne before he could bring the money home.

Second contestant Joyce was caught too, but third Huw took £8,000 home after outrunning Anne.

As Bradley predicted, Donna decided to take £1,000 despite earning £5,000 in the Cash Builder.

“We all know what I’m going to do" Donna joked, before adding she wanted to give Huw "a chance" in the Final Chase.

“What do you mean give Huw a chance? You’re doing it for your behalf.” Bradley hit back.

Twitter viewers were divided on Donna's position.

One agreed with Bradley, writing, "Who goes for the low offer straight away 🤦🏽 ♀️ #TheChase"

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Another did too, adding, "Low offer for player one? What planet is she on? #TheChase"

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But a third defended Donna, saying, "#TheChase whatever Donna does there's no rules saying she can't go for the low offer"

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And a fourth agreed, adding, "To be fair to seat 4 ... she’s preparing us on what she is going to do rather than doing us dirty #TheChase"

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But sadly for Donna and Huw, they were caught by Anne with 15 seconds to spare and they didn't take any cash home.

The Chase airs weekdays on ITV at 5pm.

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