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The Chase fans creeped out after hearing mysterious ‘child’s voice’

The Chase

Fans were convinced they were hearing things…

Tuesday’s episode of The Chase confused viewers; after they were convinced they could hear a child’s voice at one point in the show.

The confusing moment happened as fourth contestant Debbie managed to beat Chaser Anne Hegerty, with the team racking up £9,000 to play for in the Final Chase.

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Anne managed to knock out second contestant Odera, despite his impressive £7,000 Cash Builder round. Bad luck!

Host Bradley Walsh and Debbie had been talking at the time she returned to her seat, meaning viewers were baffled about the source of the voice. Who was it and what were they saying?

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One confused fan tweeted, “am I the only one who heard a voice when debbie was going back to her seat!? #thechase”

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Another added, “Did anyone else hear a childlike voice speaking as Debbie went back to her seat, or was I just hearing things!!?? #TheChase

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A third shared the clip and said, “Does anyone else hear the child’s voice? #thechase”

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But one fan pointed out that it was actually first contestant Emma saying “well done” as Debbie returned to her seat.

They wrote, “It’s Emma look at her mouth 😂”

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Another agreed with this, adding, “It was Emma saying "well done" in a childlike voice. #thechase

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That would make a lot more sense, and fans seem relieved that there was a logical explanation to the source of the ‘childlike’ voice.

Unfortunately for the team, Anne was on top form and managed to catch them with 35 seconds to spare, despite getting a few wrong in previous rounds.

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Bradley Walsh explained the team should’ve got around 24 to be in with a chance of beating the Chaser, who was able to easily beat their score of 16.

How will today's team do?

The Chase is on ITV1 weekdays at 5pm.

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