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The Chase fans praise lone contestant for racking up a HUGE score

The Chase
(Image credit: ITV)

One contestant was left to face the Sinnerman alone...

The Chase fans were thoroughly impressed by young contestant Danny in Monday's episode, after he was left to face Chaser Paul Sinha alone.

At the beginning of the game Danny was accompanied by Mick, Roberta and Katie, but he sadly watched his team mates get caught by The Chaser leaving him alone in the third seat.

Roberta had scored £10,000 in the Cash Builder round and Katie had opted to go for the high offer of a whopping £72,000. Sadly neither of them brought the big money back to share with the team.

The 22-year-old Cambridge student scored an impressive £8,000 in the Cash Builder round and managed to take it back home with him ready for the Final Chase.

But viewers were stunned by Danny's performance, after he managed to get a score of 20 for Paul to try and beat in the final round.

Presenter Bradley Walsh was also full of praise, telling Danny, "He’ll be so impressed with that. Honestly. Great player.”

One fan wrote, "Best player I’ve seen in a long time. A new Chaser in the making #TheChase"

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Another added, "Brilliant young player! Danny kept calm throughout the final chase with some cracking answers and push backs. Well played 👏"

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A third wrote, "What an amazing player! Gutted he didn’t win, but he should be so proud of himself for that performance"

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And a fourth said, "Very impressive stuff from Danny!"

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When Paul took to the hotseat, he agreed with Bradley and viewers. "Danny, that was quite well-played, I’ll be honest with you. That was reasonably impressive.”

“Very, very few solo players ever get to 20. It tends to be more of the older series of The Chase that solo players got to 20."

Paul even revealed that no solo player had ever got that score playing against him, and congratulated Danny for his hard work.

But sadly, The Sinnerman defeated Danny with just two seconds to spare and he went away empty handed.

He later took to Twitter to reflect on his The Chase experience, admitting that the "overwhelming loveliness" from viewers had "reduced him to tears".

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Danny may not have taken home any winnings, but he definitely went down in The Chase history as one of the best players. Could we see him taking to the hotseat himself in a few years time?

The Chase is on ITV1 weekdays at 5pm.