The Durrells' Alexis Georgoulis reveals English cast enjoyed the 'torture' of the shoot (VIDEO)

What’s on TV had a cheeky chat with Alexis Georgoulis, the Greek star of ITV’s Sunday night drama The Durrells, and he revealed that while it looks gorgeous on screen, conditions were anything but!

In the finished product stars Keeley Hawes, Daisy Waterstone, Josh O’Connor, Callum Woodhouse and Milo Parker all look as cool as English cucumbers. But behind the scenes Alexis revealed it was another story...

The handsome star of Greek drama Eisai to tairi mou and Hollywood movie Driving Aphrodite said: “The shoot was even difficult for us Greeks. I’ve been in very hot shooting situations, but in Corfu the humidity is very high as well. So there are a lot of mosquitoes, high temperatures and we’re sweating all the time! But I think the British have enjoyed that a lot… I thought they like this torture!”

Alexis, 41, also explained the Islanders' love Gerald Durrell’s work: “In Corfu they love Gerald Durrell; they’ve named a park in the central area after him. They were very curious how The Durrells will come out. They’ve found a way to see it online… and they loved it!”

After we accidentally insulted Spiro’s car (Alexis revealed it’s got a mind of its own!) the star leapt to its defence!

“I love that car! It’s 86 years old, but it’s very smooth. It’s a little bit independent [it drives in it’s own direction]… but we are friends!”

Before we said goodbye, Alexis revealed how he came to feel part of a family before filming wrapped: “I don’t know why, but sometimes I felt like a father. I’m not a father and don’t have plans to be right now, but I felt like I was the father of this family – not only while we were shooting, but sometimes while we were out for drinks. I felt like I’m the guy who has to protect this family.”

Laughing he added: “At sometime the character and I became the same thing… but he’s fat!”

For the full interview watch the video, above

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