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The Durrells' Daisy and Josh: 'We all kind of fell in love with each other!' (VIDEO)

(Image credit: John Rogers)

There’s a whole lot of love on the set of family drama The Durrells...

What’s on TV caught up with Daisy Waterstone and Josh O’Connor, who reveal how thrilled they were to work alongside Line of Duty star, Keeley Hawes, who plays their on-screen mum, Louisa Durrell.

Daisy Waterstone, who stars as man-mad Margo Durrell in ITV’s six-part adaptation of Gerald Durrell’s Corfu trilogy, said: “Keeley was wonderful and sensational and so much fun. We had the best time. She’s such a talented woman.”

Josh O’Connor, who plays literary-wannabe, Larry Durrell, added: “She’s amazing, she’s like our real life mum! Although we do have real mums. Keeley’s our second mum.”

What did their real mothers make of their glamorous screen mum?

Daisy reveals: “Yes, my mum is very jealous of Keeley, but she’ll get over it!”

While Josh laughs: “When I got asked to do this series my mum called me up and pretended to be my agent saying, we’ve cast your real mum as your mum in The Durrells!”

Speaking about their characters and time on set, Daisy (who starred in And Then There Were None) said: “We all kind of fell in love with each other. It became a heart and soul project. We fell in love with our characters, the story, the crew and our surroundings. Getting to play these roles every day was great.”

Josh (Ripper Street) agreed: “We got on very well, very quickly. Being on Corfu, as well, it’s an amazing place to be. The days of filming were so much fun, we had incredible locations, then just going back every night and eating incredible food all the time and then swimming.”

The Durrells continues on ITV on Sundays at 8pm.

For the full interview watch the video, above.