The In Between: fans are all saying the same thing about Netflix's new movie

The In Between - Tessa (Joey King) and Skylar (Kyle Allen) cuddle in a tree.
The In Between has fans crying their eyes out. (Image credit: Tina Rowden/Netflix)

Netflix's 'heartbreaking' new movie The In Between has clearly moved quite a few romance fans to tears.

Based on Marc Klein's debut novel of the same name, the supernatural romance follows Tessa (Kissing Booth's Joey King) and her relationship with Skylar (Kyle Allen, West Side Story).

Tessa wakes up in the hospital following a tragic traffic accident which she survives, but Skylar doesn't. From that point on, she starts experiencing events that suggest Skylar is trying to reach out to her from "The In Between", a window in time for people who have recently passed away which enables them to reach out to their loved ones before they fully pass on.

It's safe to say that the film has struck a chord with romance fans who have already checked out the latest Netflix release. Plenty of viewers around the world have been full of praise for the movie and have been sharing how much it made them cry their eyes out.

One fan tweeted, in part: "the in between movie is just too heartbreaking to watch".

Another viewer recommended the film, writing: "everyone please go watch "The In Between" on Netflix ive literally never sobbed so much at a romance movie, or any movie, in my entire life".

There were plenty more people willing to share just how much Joey and Skylar's story had made them tear up!

If you think you remember seeing it released earlier this year, you'd be right. The In Between was originally released on Paramount Plus in the US back in February.  though it didn't generate much buzz the first time around.

After the muted launch, Netflix scooped up the movie's broadcasting rights outside of the US and rebranded it as a Netflix Original before relaunching it on their own streaming service on Friday, April 8.

It's safe to say this second release has gone down just a little bit differently. In terms of viewing hours, The In Between became Netflix's most-watched movie last week. It hit the top 10 on Netflix in 82 different territories and racked up more than 26 million hours watched, far outstripping any other movie on the service.

The In Between is available to stream right now on Paramount Plus in the US and elsewhere on Netflix.

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