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Paramount Plus Price: Cost, deals and discounts for the streaming service

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Paramount+ is the streaming service that succeeds CBS All Access, giving the entire ViacomCBS and Paramount worlds a proper global brand. CBS All Access becomes Paramount+ on March 4, and in many ways it's really just an exercise in rebranding, though it will bring the content to a much wider audience. You'll still have series. You'll still have movies. You'll be able to watch the NFL on Paramount+.

And that begs the question: What's the Paramount+ price? How much is Paramount+ going to cost?

We've got answers to some of that now, and some we'll get more answers a little further down the road.

Here's everything you need to know about the Paramount+ price, and what the service might end up costing in the future.

What's the Paramount Plus price in the United States?

When CBS All Access transitions to Paramount+ on March 4, 2021, it'll bring with it a slightly new pricing structure. The basic Paramount+ service will be $4.99 a month — that's one dollar less than CBS All Access — if you don't mind advertising on the on-demand content. There also will be a $9.99-a-month "Premium" tier if you want to get rid of most ads. (There are still a couple series that will have advertising.) The new pricing apparently will go into effect in June.

And if you want to save a little money, you probably will be able to pay annually instead. (We didn't get the full pricing breakdown during the Paramount+ investor event.)

That's pretty close to the same pricing plan as was available on CBS All Access. And you'll still be able to sign in to Paramount+ with a cable subscription to watch live local affiliates.

And that's the same content for starters, which also means you'll be able to watch live sports on Paramount+.

What's the Paramount Plus price in other countries?

We got pricing information for a few other countries during the Feb. 24 investor event.

In Argentina, a subscription will cost $299 ARS per month. Brazil will be priced at $19.90 BRL a month. Mexico will be priced at $79.90 MXN per month. Canada lands at $5.99 CAD per month. Denmark is Kr 59 DKK per month, and Sweden is Kr 69 SEK per month.

Paramount+ will be available in all of Latin America on March 4. The Nordics launch on March 25, and Australia is still expected to go live later in 2021.

Are there any Paramount+ deals or discounts?

It's entirely possible to save money on Paramount+. We'll start, again, by pointing to the annual subscription rates, which will save you $12 (or about two months' worth) if you opt for the $59.99-a-year with-advertising plan. And if you go for the $99.99 no-advertising option, you'll save about $20.

There's another way to save money on Paramount+ as we get closer to the March 4, 2021, launch date. If you sign up for an annual subscription to CBS All Access subscription before March 4, you can get 50 percent off that first year if you use code PARAMOUNTPLUS. The means you'll only pay $30 for a year's worth of Paramount+ with advertising on the on-demand content, or $50 for a year of Paramount+ without advertising. 

Those are both really good deals on Paramount+.

CBS All Access also has a deal for students with a valid .edu email address — they can save 25 percent on their subscriptions. Presumably Paramount+ also will include that deal.