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Big Brother season 24: release date, premise and everything we know about the competition series

Julie Chen Moonves as the host of Big Brother US
Julie Chen Moonves as the host of Big Brother US (Image credit: CBS)

It’s almost hard to believe that the first season of Big Brother premiered 22 years ago on CBS. Accounting for the 23 seasons that have aired (excluding Celebrity Big Brother and other spinoffs), we’re looking at nearly 300 housemates over the years that have fiercely competed against one another for a chance to be the last person standing. While some may assume that the series must have lost some of its excitement during its long television history, Big Brother fans will argue that’s far from the truth. 

Going into this new season, CBS has teased that would-be viewers should "expect the unexpected." It sounds like this new group of competitors should brace themselves for some curveballs and the audience should anticipate a few jaw-dropping surprises. 

Here’s everything we know about Big Brother season 24. 

When is the Big Brother season 24 release date?  

Big Brother season 24 premieres with a 90-minute episode on Wednesday, July 6, at 8 pm ET/PT on CBS, the CBS app and Paramount Plus (for premium subscribers). Following the premiere, the series airs Thursdays at 9 pm ET/PT, featuring the live evictions, and on Sundays and Wednesdays at 8 pm ET/PT. 

Paramount Plus subscribers also have access to the Big Brother Live Feeds which shows fans some of the house antics that won’t make it to TV. Live Feeds become available on the day the new season premieres. 

To date, there is no official word if Big Brother season 24 will be broadcasted on networks in the UK. However, with Paramount Plus making its debut in the UK on June 22, there is hope the series might become available to the country’s subscribers.  

Big Brother season 24 premise 

As with every season of Big Brother, the premise of season 24 remains the same. Strangers move into the Big Brother house to compete in a series of challenges all in the hopes of being crowned the winner and taking home the cash prize. While in the house, nearly everything the contestants do will be seen by the cameras, including those moments when they hatch their predictable strategies and schemes. 

CBS hasn’t revealed all of the surprises in store for this latest installment of the show, but has told viewers to "expect the unexpected this summer with a season full of new and unique twists and turns to challenge the houseguests."

Big Brother season 24 cast  

In true Big Brother fashion, the cast for the upcoming season is being held a closely guarded secret for now. However, once that information becomes available, we’ll be sure to pass along the names of the new houseguests.  

Big Brother season 24 host 

Julie Chen Moonves

Julie Chen Moonves (Image credit: CBS)

Returning to her hosting duties is Julie Chen Moonves. The Daytime Emmy winner has become synonymous with Big Brother, with good reason. She’s hosted the competition series since its inception in 2000. We aren’t even sure what the show would look like without her front and center.  

Big Brother season 24 trailer 

An official trailer for the new season has not yet been released. We’ll be sure to provide a trailer here once one becomes available.  

However, in an effort to tease the season, host Julie Chen Moonves recently took to Instagram and posted a picture with the caption "It’s giving First Day of #Summer and 2️⃣ Weeks until #BB24 ☀️☀️ But can you spot any clues 👀🕵🏻‍♀️🏡."

Take a look and see if you spot anything. 

How to watch Big Brother season 24 

The latest season of Big Brother airs live on CBS. For those without traditional cable/satellite television, CBS is also available through a number of live TV streaming services, including FuboTV, Hulu with Live TV and YouTube TV. Paramount Plus Premium subscribers and subscribers to the CBS app also have the opportunity to watch episodes live as they air. 

If the previous viewing options don’t appeal to you, Big Brother season 24 can be watched on-demand via the CBS app and Paramount Plus the day after the episodes premiere.

Speaking of Paramount Plus, it will be the home of the Big Brother Live Feed if you want to know more about what’s going on in the house that’s not shown on TV. 

For UK fans of the show,  while Paramount Plus became available in the country as of  June 22, we are still waiting to get an official word that UK subscribers will be able to view the series with a Paramount Plus subscription. However, a proven method for watching CBS reality shows has been using a VPN, or virtual private network.

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