Ghosts on CBS: how to watch season 1 and what we know about season 2

Richie Moriarty, Brandon Scott Jones, Sheila Carrasco and Rebecca Wisocky in Ghosts
Richie Moriarty, Brandon Scott Jones, Sheila Carrasco and Rebecca Wisocky in Ghosts (Image credit: CBS)

CBS' Ghosts was one of the new shows for the network in the 2021-2022 TV season, and it proved to be a hit. Adapted from a British TV series of the same name, Ghosts joins CBS’ comedy repertoire of Young Sheldon, United States of Al and B Positive on Thursdays, as well as The Neighborhood and Bob Hearts Abishola across the week.

Joe Port and Joe Wiseman, a writing duo that have previous credits for New Girl and Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, developed the series for American TV from Tom Kingsley’s original series Ghosts, which debuted on BBC One in 2019 and is still on air in the UK.

Now that the American version of Ghosts has come to the end of the first season and already has earned a renewal for season 2, here is what you need to know about how to watch Ghosts season 1 and the bits of info we have on season 2 so far.

How to watch Ghosts season 1

All episodes of Ghosts season 1 are available to stream right now on the Paramount Plus streaming service. Pluto TV, a free ad-supported service, also has most of the Ghosts season 1 episodes. Episodes and the full season are also available to rent digitally on-demand.

CBS may also opt to air some episodes of Ghosts season 1 on the network between now and the new fall TV season. To catch those, you'll need to have access to CBS through either a traditional pay-TV cable/satellite service (all of which offer CBS), a TV antenna to receive local CBS station signals or a live TV streaming service that carries CBS: fuboTV, Hulu with Live TV and YouTube TV.

UK viewers are finally getting the chance to see the US adaptation of Ghosts, with the entire first season of the show available to stream starting November 20, 2022.

When is the next Ghosts episode?

Ghosts season 1 has aired all of its episodes. It has already been renewed for a second season, which is expected to premiere on CBS as part of the network's fall 2022 lineup. A specific date is not available at this time.

What is the plot of Ghosts?

Here is the official synopsis for Ghosts, per CBS:

Ghosts is a single-camera comedy about Samantha and Jay, a cheerful freelance journalist and up-and-coming chef from the city, respectively, who throw both caution and money to the wind when they decide to convert a huge rundown country estate they inherited into a bed & breakfast—only to find it’s inhabited by the many spirits of deceased residents who now call it home. The departed souls are a close-knit, eclectic group that includes a saucy Prohibition-era lounge singer; a pompous 1700’s Militiaman; a ‘60s hippie fond of hallucinogens; an overly upbeat ‘80s scout troop leader; a cod-obsessed Viking explorer from 1009; a slick ‘90s finance bro; a sarcastic and witty Native from the 1500s; and a society woman and wife of an 1800’s robber baron who is Samantha’s ancestor, to name a few. If the spirits were anxious about the commotion a renovation and B&B will create in their home, it’s nothing compared to when they realize Samantha is the first live person who can see and hear them.”

SPOILERS AHEAD as we are going to get into some of the events of the Ghosts season 1 finale. So if you're not caught up probably best to go watch the show before reading on.

In "Farnsby & B," Sam and Jay are just about ready to officially open their B&B, but realize that they have a nearby competitor, the Farnsby & B. Sam and Jay challenge the rival establishment to a game of pickle ball with the winner getting to remain open. They beat Farnsby & B and are now ready to welcome their first guests. Or so they think.

Earlier in the episode, after Sam and the ghostly occupants of the house have gotten to know each other, Thor says that she can lift the curse he set upon the house at the beginning of the season. However, worried that doing so would prevent her from continuing to see the ghosts, and perhaps wondering what's the worse that could happen, Sam chooses not to lift the curse.

Just as the first guests arrive, the house crumbles to ruins. Is this the result of Thor's curse or is it simply a coincidence?

Who is in the Ghosts cast?

Ghosts is certainly an ensemble comedy, with the primary cast being made up of Rose McIver, Utkarsh Ambudkar, Danielle Pinnock, Brandon Scott Jones, Sheila Carrasco, Richie Moriarty, Devon Chandler Long, Asher Grodman, Román Zaragoza, Rebecca Wisocky.

Here is who they all play in the show:

  • Rose McIver - Sam
  • Utkarsh Ambudkar - Jay 
  • Danielle Pinnock - Alberta
  • Brandon Scott Jones - Isaac
  • Sheila Carrasco - Flower
  • Richie Moriarty - Pete
  • Devon Chandler Long - Thorfinn 
  • Asher Grodman - Trevor 
  • Román Zaragoza - Sasappis 
  • Rebecca Wisocky - Hetty 

No official announcement has been made about who is returning for Ghosts season 2, but we can make a pretty good guess that McIver and Ambudkar, along with the main ensemble of ghosts, will all be back.

Now that the season has concluded, stars Rose McIver and Brandon Scott Jones spoke about the events of the finale and their characters' arcs. They do go into spoilers so be sure you're caught up before reading them.

Is there a Ghosts trailer?

CBS released a two-minute trailer for Ghosts that introduces fans to both Sam and Jay as well as their new ghost friends. Watch it below. 

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