Ghosts season 3 — next episode date, cast, plot, trailer and more

Ghosts Season 3
Ghosts Season 3 will see more spooky fun. (Image credit: BBC)

Ghosts Season 3 is back with more hilariously spooky goings-on. Yep, the hugely popular comedy — starring many of the actors from children’s hit show Horrible Histories — has returned for more chaos at Button House.

The show has proved so successful it was even given a Christmas special last year, which is normally the signal that a comedy has truly arrived.

Kiell Smith-Bynoe, who plays Mike, tells us his character has a lot more involvement with the ghosts this time.

“We’ll see some jealousy from Mike about him not being able to hang out with them. We get a lot more in this series of me with the ghosts, even though I can't talk to them directly. It was enjoyable filming that. It's usually the ghosts interacting with Alison. Mike's definitely learning to live with them. Before, it was an annoyance, and he was scared of them, so it has been a journey.” 

Here’s everything we know so far about the new series

Ghosts Season 3 release date

Ghosts season 3 started on 9 August on BBC1 at 8.30 pm. All the episodes are now available to watch on iPlayer.

Ghosts season 3 cast

Alison (Charlotte Ritchie) and Mike (Kiell Smith-Bynoe) will star as the unfortunate owners of Button House. Martha Howe-Douglas will be back as Lady Fanny Button, who’s never happy about any changes Alison makes. While Mathew Baynton will return as Thomas Thorne, who’s always claiming his love for Alison. Jim Howick will again play loveable Pat Butcher, who just likes being nice to everyone. While Ben Willbond returns as the Captain, who likes to keep everything in military order. Plus there will be Katy Wix as Mary, Laurence Rickard as Robin/Humphrey’s Head, Simon Farnaby as MP Julian Fawcett and Lolly Adefope as Kitty.

What’s the plot?

The BBC has revealed some plot detail. They said: "Alison and Mike are working hard to bring their new ‘guest house’ plans to fruition, when the peace is disrupted by an unexpected visitor who arrives with a life-changing revelation. Alison questions everything she thought she knew, and the ghosts react with varying degrees of fear, mistrust, and in some cases, delight. Meanwhile, Mike is more intent than ever to put Button House on the map while trying to hold onto his day job."

What happens in Ghosts season 3 episode one?

The opening episode of the new series sees a historical documentary team come to film at Button House. And everyone is stunned when they learn the assassination plot they’re investigating involves one of the ghosts!

Yes, we learn a lot more about Humphrey Bone's past — and why he's now headless Humphrey! Let's just say it's a tragic and amusing tale.

Also, Mike is desperate for Alison to do a TV interview to drum up business, but she’s terrified. However, Thomas offers to help. But will he actually be a help?

What happens in episode two?

Julian in Ghosts Season 3

Julian recalls his first day as a ghost. (Image credit: BBC/Monumental Television/Guido Mandozzi)

Alison is left in shock when a surprise visitor arrives at Button House. What does the visitor want? Thomas is left confused by the visitor, while Kitty does her best to protect Alison. 

Meanwhile, Julian recalls his first day as a ghost.

What happens in episode three?

Mary is awoken by woodworm men fumigating Button House. Terrified and screaming, she runs outside to the other ghosts and they laugh. She questions who they are and Alison tells her, “Well, they’re just woodworm men.”

Alison and Mike decide to camp in the grounds to save money, which shocks the ghosts. After Alison and Mike bicker over Mike not being ‘outdoorsy,’ Mike is determined to prove her wrong. 

The Captain and Pat are eager to help Alison win the competition with their camping knowledge. 

Meanwhile, Kitty has been enjoying watching Grease on the TV, Mary has been trying to chase off the woodworm men, and Julian accidentally stumbles across some scary content on the TV and changes the channel, unknown to Kitty who is left horrified.

Mike struggles with the competition and ends up accidentally cutting the power to the house, making Julian, Robin the Caveman and Kitty join Alison camping in the woods. They decide to tell ghost stories.

Mary gives them a fright and Julian and Robin run off, while the remaining ghosts sleep with Alison in her tent.

After struggling to sleep through the ghosts' chatting, Alison decides to sleep in Mike’s tent instead and deems him the winner.

In the morning, they come across Julian and Robin who try to dismiss the fact that they were scared and ran off.

At the end of the episode, Mary whimpers as Mike makes the announcement that the boiler man is coming soon.

What happens in episode four of Ghosts Season 3?

The ghosts are gathered for their Inaugural Cocktail Society, when Fanny is acting out of character.

Alison and Mike have a concerning meeting with a Solicitor who, after Alison reveals that she is inviting her sister Lucy over, tells her that she could have a claim to the estate and that they should try and prove her identity.

Alison recruits Captain to keep an eye on her as Julian and Robin prank email Mike’s boss. Some of the ghosts take a shine to Lucy’s character and the other ghosts try to figure out what’s wrong with Fanny. 

They soon discover that Fanny is having an affair with (some of!) Humphrey and Mike has an awkward encounter with his boss.

Alison starts to feel slightly jealous of her sister and the Captain fails to be of much help in finding out information about her.

Alison decides to ask her herself, which upsets Lucy, saying she only wanted a sister and not her house and she leaves.

What happens in episode 5?

The episode begins with Alison and the ghosts surprising Kitty for her birthday. Mike overhears Alison singing happy birthday to Kitty, and gets upset that he can’t hear or see Alison’s ghost friends,

After Alison messages her sister Lucy in an attempt to rekindle their relationship after the incident, she and Kitty fall onto the topic of Kitty’s own sister, who she talks about often. The other ghosts quickly shut down Alison’s question and manage to distract Kitty by saying there’s a balloon upstairs.

The ghosts explain that Kitty’s sister was horrible and if she ever found out the truth she would be heartbroken. However, Alison is adamant that Kitty should talk about it and that it could make her feel better.

Meanwhile, Mike’s desires to see the ghosts grow stronger and he begins researching ways on how to see them, which comes up with surprising results.

Alison and Kitty sit down and speak about Kitty’s sister in a makeshift therapy session. 

The ghosts interrupt and they soon start sharing their own thoughts and memories of their lives.

Mike makes a vision potion while Kitty tells more about her life with her nasty sister to Alison and the other ghosts.

Mike’s spiritualist potion also has some embarrassing yet hilarious results...

What happens in episode 6?

Mike is watching the football unknowingly with Pat, Mary and Julian. When he and Alison see a promotional video online for a country estate like their own, they decide that they want to do the same for Button House.

As Alison and Lucy go for a walk, Lucy explains about an investment failure for her business where she was conned out of her money.

Meanwhile, the ghosts are doing an improvisation activity when they see a drone from the window that Mike is using to film the promotional video, which startles the ghosts, but intrigues Julian who decides to watch Mike attempt to make the video.

Alison and Mike decide to lend Lucy the money for her business, but after Kitty unravels a potential lie, she suspects that Lucy could be a con artist. And the other ghosts try and help to solve the mystery before it’s too late...

Now let's hope for a Ghosts Season 4 to enjoy.

Is there a trailer?

Yes, the BBC shared a trailer for Ghosts Season 3 but it doesn't give away much! The 20 second clip features some of the much-loved cast laughing, with the caption "it's dead funny".

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