How to watch Paramount Plus on Amazon Fire TV or a Fire TV Stick

Paramount Plus on Amazon Fire TV
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If you've just bought a new Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV Stick or other Amazon-made streaming device you're probably wondering what you can actually watch on the thing. The good news is that most streaming services are available, and that includes Paramount Plus.

Paramount Plus is the online streaming home for nearly all movies, TV shows or sports aired by Paramount, including its various spin-offs like CBS or Nickelodeon. It's a popular option for streaming fans to get their fix with new additions all the time.

So if you're wanting to use your new Amazon Fire TV device to stream Paramount Plus and all its content, we'll help you figure out just how to do that.

How to watch Paramount Plus on Amazon Fire TV

You've got a few options if you want to watch Paramount Plus on Amazon Fire TV.

  • You can either install it directly on your Amazon Fire TV device by simply searching for "Paramount Plus" or speaking that phrase into the Alexa remote.
  • You can have the app remotely install itself by going to the Paramount Plus appstore page in a web browser, then choosing the device to install the service on
  • You can run your subscription through Paramount Plus itself and pay via credit card. Or, if you prefer, you can subscribe through the Paramount Plus Prime Video Channel. That means the billing for Paramount Plus will be done through your Amazon account. No muss, no fuss.

Paramount Plus key Info

  • What is it? Paramount's streaming service features bags of movies, TV dramas and plenty of original content. 
  • Is there a free trial? Yes, there's a one-week Paramount Plus free trial, so you can try before you buy. 
  • How much does it cost in the US? $5.99 (with ads) or $11.99 (ads-free, with Showtime extras). 
  • How much does it cost in the UK? £6.99 (there's just one plan).

Head to the Paramount Plus website for more info and to sign up

All those plans include all the on-demand content and Paramount Plus originals that you could possibly watch. You'll also be able to watch live sports on Paramount Plus, including NFL games.

And be sure to take advantage of the Paramount Plus free trial.

The best Amazon Fire sticks for Paramount Plus

If you're in the market for a new Amazon Fire device, we've got thoughts on that, too.

For our money, the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K is the right pick for most people. It retails for less than $50/£50 — and you can often find it on sale for a lot less.

The second most important part is that it has all the specs you want in a modern streaming platform. As the name implies, it supports 4K resolution, which you absolutely want. It also supports Dolby Vision for HDR, which is the better of those standards. And if sound quality is important to you, it also supports Dolby Atmos, which can make sounds appear as if they're hanging in mid-air. It's pretty cool.

Plus it has everything Amazon could offer, including apps, games, movies and more. And because it's an Amazon device, you've got one-touch access to Alexa for all your searching and smart-home needs.

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