How to watch NFL games on Paramount Plus US

The NFL on Paramount Plus
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The ability to stream live sports is a big question mark when it comes to streaming services. Some have 'em and some don't. Some have more than others. And if you're new to Paramount Plus, it's a fair question to ask. The answer? Yes, you can watch live sports on Paramount Plus. But let's narrow things down a little bit. Can you watch live NFL games on Paramount Plus?

Yes. And it turns out all subscribers, regardless of which subscription tier they have, can watch NFL games on Paramount Plus. Basically, you'll be able to stream the same games on Paramount Plus that you can watch on CBS at home. They're regionalized, so you can't just watch anything you want — it's not NFL Sunday Ticket — but it's also better than nothing and a perfectly fine way to watch a game.

All that said, here's everything you need to know about watching the NFL on Paramount Plus.

Watch the NFL games on Paramount Plus US with a subscription

The key to watching NFL games on Paramount Plus US is CBS. That's where you'll find regional AFC games, with who you get to watch depending on what part of the country in which you live.

Paramount Plus comes into play because along with all the on-demand series and movies you get access to your local CBS affiliate. So come Sundays when the NFL is in season, you'll be able to stream your regional NFL game. (Blackout rules may still be in effect, though. Some things never change.)

The best news is that although the ad-supported version of Paramount Plus does not provide access to local CBS live streams normally, the streaming service makes an exception for NFL games, with all subscribers able to watch the NFL on Paramount Plus, all you need to do is sign in and head to the Live TV section.

Also, in case you have any young football fans in the house, Nickelodeon's special program, NFL Slimetime (opens in new tab), which shows weekly highlights from NFL games with a Nickelodeon edge, is also streaming on Paramount Plus.

Along with the NFL, Paramount Plus subscribers get access to all sorts of great on-demand series and movies. That includes the Paramount Plus original series, with shows like 1883, Tulsa King, The Offer and a number of new Star Trek series, including Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. It also includes shows from the MTV universe and the Smithsonian channel.

And you'll be able to take all of this for a spin — for free — thanks to the Paramount Plus free trial.

2022 NFL games on Paramount Plus: week 10

Here are all of the games available to stream on Paramount Plus during week 10 of the 2022 NFL season. These games are all part of the NFL on CBS lineup. Check out the regional broadcast map for the NFL week 10 (opens in new tab) to see what game is playing in your area.

Week 10 (November 13)

  • Denver Broncos vs Tennessee Titans, 1 pm ET/10 am PT
  • Jacksonville Jaguars vs Kansas City Chiefs, 1 pm ET/10 am PT
  • Cleveland Browns vs Miami Dolphins, 1 pm ET/10 am PT
  • Houston Texans vs New York Giants, 1 pm ET/10 am PT
  • Indianapolis Colts vs Las Vegas Raiders, 4:05 pm ET/1:05 pm PT

How to watch NFL games online without a Paramount Plus subscription

If you don't have a Paramount Plus subscription but still want to watch CBS' lineup of NFL games this season, you're not totally out of luck. CBS broadcasts of NFL games are available through the CBS app or CBS website, however you need to have a traditional cable subscription or live TV streaming service that carries CBS.

The good news is that any traditional cable subscription service is required to carry CBS as one of the four primary US TV networks. In terms of live TV streaming services, CBS is carried by FuboTV, Hulu with Live TV and YouTube TV.

NFL Plus is also a way to stream NFL games available in your local area, but only on your mobile phone or tablet, not your TV.

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