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The NFL is now in the streaming game, as NFL Plus gives football fans a chance to watch games and additional features without a traditional cable setup.

The NFL delivered their own streaming service in time for the 2022 NFL season, bringing live games and special features to fans for a monthly or full-season price. But if you're just looking into everything with NFL Plus, we've got everything you need to know from how much it costs to how exactly it differs from the other NFL viewing choices that are already around, like NFL Sunday Ticket?

Here's what you need to know about NFL Plus.

NFL Plus price

NFL fans can sign up for NFL Plus with a standard price of $6.99 per month or $49.99 for a full season commitment.

There is also an NFL Plus Premium package that runs at $14.99 per month or $99.99 for an annual subscription.

NFL Plus free trial

Yes, NFL Plus does offer a free trial. New subscribers can try out NFL Plus for seven days before being charged with your first monthly subscription fee or an annual subscription fee. 

What games are available on NFL Plus?

San Francisco 49ers Deebo Samuel

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NFL Plus allows subscribers to watch local and primetime games live on mobile devices. That means whatever games are playing in your area on NFL on Fox and NFL on CBS, as well as nationally televised broadcasts, including Sunday Night Football and Monday Night Football.

In addition, live game audio for every game during the NFL season can be listened to through the NFL Plus streaming service on any capable device. With the audio streams, fans have the choice to listen to the home team's broadcast, the away team's broadcast or the national broadcast for the game.

NFL preseason action is also included with NFL Plus, as the streaming service offers live streams of all out-of-market NFL preseason games. As an added bonus, these streams can be watched on all devices. However, if a preseason game is nationally televised, it is only available to stream on mobile devices or tablets.

And now that we have reached the NFL Playoffs, all games from the Divisional round to the Super Bowl are going to be available to stream on NFL Plus. Here is the schedule the NFL playoff games this weekend that are available on NFL Plus:

Sunday, February 11

  • Kansas City Chiefs vs San Francisco 49ers, 6:30 pm ET/3:30 pm PT

On the non game side, NFL Plus gives subscribers the ability to watch NFL Network shows live and on-demand, NFL Film archives and more from the NFL library, all ad-free.

What's the difference between NFL Plus and NFL Plus Premium?

So what are you getting for the extra $8 a month with NFL Plus Premium? Well, first off, you get everything that the standard version of NFL Plus offers, but with NFL Plus Premium you get on-demand access for more games and the ability to watch them on more devices.

NFL Plus Premium provides its subscribers with full and condensed game replays from every NFL game each week (as well as condensed game replays going as far back as 2009). These replays are available to watch on all devices and are ad-free.

Fanatics of the game also get access to Coaches Film for games, including the All-22 look, and access to NFL RedZone on all devices. Again, these are available ad-free.

How to sign up for NFL Plus

Interested consumers can sign up for NFL Plus through the NFL app directly on your mobile device, smart TV or connected device or through

What devices work with NFL Plus?

NFL Plus is available on all devices that can carry the NFL app. These include phones and tablets with iOS 13+ and Android 7+, Apple TV (with tvOS 13+), Android TV (with Android 7+), Roku, FireTV and Xbox.

While you can access NFL Plus via the NFL app, it is not the same thing and you need a subscription to watch NFL Plus content.

As far as what devices you can watch NFL Plus on, it depends on what type of game you are trying to watch. Preseason games are available on phones, tablets, connected TVs and computers, but live regular and postseason games are only available on phones and tablets. You cannot watch live regular and postseason games via NFL Plus on a TV or computer, but full/condensed replays of these games can be.

Where is NFL Plus available?

The NFL Plus streaming service is exclusively available in the US at this time.

NFL fans in the UK can still rely on NFL Game Pass to watch live and on-demand replays of NFL games. NFL games are also available to watch on ITV and Sky TV in the UK.

Is NFL Plus the same as NFL Game Pass?

Fans who are familiar with NFL Game Pass may recognize the offerings of full and condensed replays of games. This is because NFL Plus is taking over NFL Game Pass in the US, as the latter service is no longer available. 

The good news, if you were a subscriber to NFL Game Pass you are automatically switched over to NFL Plus, specifically NFL Plus Premium. 

Other NFL streaming/on-demand options

NFL on Paramount Plus

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NFL Plus is just one option for fans to have access to live and on-demand NFL content throughout the season, with other services offering different levels of access.

The big one is NFL Sunday Ticket. NFL Sunday Ticket is a subscription service that gives fans access to all out-of-market NFL games live on their TVs and all other devices. NFL Sunday Ticket is now exclusively available through YouTube.

Another option is NFL RedZone, a premium cable option (that is also available on live TV streaming services like Hulu with Live TV and YouTube TV) that follows every game and provides live look-ins to games and replays of just about every touchdown scored.

There are also ways to watch your live local NFL game on Fox and CBS online, including watching NFL on the Paramount Plus streaming service. Two of the three marquee games every week are also easily available on streaming, as Thursday Night Football is on Prime Video, while Peacock live streams NBC's broadcast of Sunday Night Football.

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